Fago’s carving tips

The latest discovery in my hunt for polymer and texture techniques led me back to Celie Fago. She posted these carving and texture plate tips on her blog a while back and I happily stumbled upon them.

When Celie first started in polymer, she spent many hours carving warm, baked polymer and she developed many tricks, including ways to keep tools sharp.

Time-intensive carving made her think about creating texture plates which she now uses for both metal clay and polymer. You’ll see evidence of both techniques in her Etsy shop. I hope your weekend is filled with texture.

  • reply JeannieK ,

    WOW! what talent and beautiful workmanship.

    • reply claire maunsell ,

      Celie’s work inspires me greatly! Her blog has been a BIG help with tips on carving and general in formation on tools and process.

      • reply julie Picarello ,

        Celie has it all…the imagination, creativity, confidence and skill to bring her visions to life. Even better, she couples her stunning work with the open graciousness of a true artist. Inspiring indeed!

        • reply Eva ,

          Hello Cynthia!
          what a nice set of post about handmade textures!!!
          Many thanks for them!
          I engrave since school in some wax (I am going to hurry to test the warm baked clay!!!), but my gouges are definitively too big for the greater part!!! What a good idea that Celie shows us her!
          After those of Gennine! What a parade of gouges!
          What about Tamara, Blockpartypress? What textures that side also!
          Thank you!
          See you next time!

          • reply Lily's Treasures ,

            Wooah, that’s amazing what one can do with polymer clay. Thanks to bring us the proof that it’s just limited to imagination. What a great work !

            • reply Celie Fago ,

              Thanks so much Cynthia!

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