Small world polymer

The interview with UK polymer clay miniaturist Betsy Niederer on gives you a glimpse into the big passions that motivate a very small world.

Betsy got started when she thought her two sons would benefit from a Barbie house. The boys promptly lost or destroyed all the little plastic foods that came with the set and Betsy felt compelled to make more.

She discloses her four very helpful rules of thumb: use translucent, look closely, use chalk pastels, go easy on the gloss. You can get more miniature tips on the site.

The little video of Betsy’s work totally charmed me. Enjoy the interview and link thanks to Eni Oken.

  • reply JeannieK ,

    “It’s a small world after all.” Mini works of art like this just dazzle me. What talent.

    • reply Meisha ,

      The realism is beyond amazing!!! I could watch the Tiny Temptations video again and again. Absolutely mesmerizing. Betsy is a remarkable artist. Her colors, textures and finishes combine to make perfect little replicas. Very, Very accomplished, indeed.

      • reply PLaneFancies ,

        Oh, no. I was addicted to miniatures before I became addicted to polymer. Now you might force me to be addicted to both at the same time. Her work is amazing!

        • reply Sera ,

          OMG its a cheesecake! lol. I feel hungry now….I could really go a nice slice of new york cheesecake…. You’re not doing my diet any good yanno!

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