Inchies, one-inch square polymer tiles, have become all the rage for swaps among artists.This set of fall leaves from Mama Tierra was part of the trading flurry at the EuroClay Carnival in Madrid. Repeat a technique 81 times and you’re bound to get good at it!

They look great in a grouping. Here are some more inchie pictures that caught my eye:

Maybe my muse wants me to start small this week.

  • reply JeannieK ,

    Amazing. Beautiful colors in the leaf tiles and I adore the skull inchies.

    I made a lot of these over the summer for my Christmas cards and business cards.

    • reply Enkhe ,

      Great work! The other 4’s work are ,too! Of particular note is the tiles of Jana Lehmann and Silvia Ortiz de la Torre! Love them much!
      You have done an amazing work exploring them!

      • reply Liz Hall ,

        Those are wonderful, what a great idea, kind of like little ACEOs

        • reply Judy Belcher ,

          All the inchies were just amazing. That group really showed their talent. The varying techniques – use of color – texture – and oh, the packaging – all were neatly packaged in colorful bags, boxes, with interesting handmade tags – it is a swap I will treasure forever!

          • reply Mama Tierra ,

            Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            • reply Silvia Ortiz de la Torre ,

              Laura, me encantaron tus inchies y también me alegro de que te tocara mi pulsera! Cynthia, thank you one more time for mention my worK at your PCD! And dear Judy: WE ALL LOVE YOU!!!!!! Hugs.

              • reply alisa R. ,

                Ooooo…! Love those leaves, and the landscapes wowed me. They’re all amazing and fun to look at. A sort of mosaic effect. Cool!

                • reply violette laporte ,

                  I just love those; inspiring. My favourite thing to do.

                  • reply Kathy ,

                    Great timing!! Our guild has an inchies challenge this month!!
                    Thanks for the inspiration!!!

                    • reply olivia ,

                      i have one to laura¡¡ all the inchies were beautiful and amazing¡¡

                      Felizidades lauraaa¡

                      • reply Christine Dumont ,

                        I have one! Ole!

                        • reply Miryam García ,

                          Enhorabuena Lauri!!!!!! Los inchies te quedaron geniales y yo tengo uno!!!!!!!

                          • reply doreen kassel ,

                            These are all wonderful!

                            • reply Gaina ,

                              They seem like a fantastic way to use up your spare clay :).

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