Monday’s winners

Doreen Gay Kassel Barb Fajardo Julie Eakes

The 2011 Niche Award finalists have been selected and I snagged these three polymer artists who have been notified that they’re in the running. I’m assuming there are more finalists out there but I couldn’t find an official list. Mousing through the work of these three should launch your week while we wait for other finalists to toot their horns.

  • reply Liz Hall ,

    I’ll toot; This pieces is a finalist But for the life of me I can’t remember which category I entered it in – I think it was in the silver category. We will be getting more official notification in the mail so I guess I will find out then. I’m thrilled this is the third year I’ve tried for the Niche and the first time I’ve made it into the finals.

    Congrats to all! I can’t wait to see the official list and all the wonderful finalist pieces.

    • reply jana ,

      How exciting for each of you…huge congratulations to Julie, Doreen, Barb and Liz! Your pieces are masterful 🙂

      • reply JeannieK ,

        This are beautiful works of art by very talented ladies.

        I have turtorial by Barb Fajardo and it’s very well done.

        Are there awards, for un-done, un-finished and not very good?

        • reply doreen kassel ,

          I’m very happy to be included with such talented artists! Congratulations to Liz, Barb, Julie & you know who you are!!!

          • reply Lajuliechose ,

            Hi everyone, I just discovered your work today and I’m just impressed … it’s beautiful.
            Doreen, you just make me delve into my childhood dreams, Barb, how sweet, Julie it’s amazing! Thank you for these three discoveries, I would come back to see you;)
            Julie from Belgium

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