This hair clip with faux lapis is from Camille Young. See what handmade gifts Camille created for her family and friends.

I’m guessing that the metal-looking parts of her recent jeweled ornaments, pins and pendants are also made from polymer. (Here are her snowflake ornaments from last year.) Could it be that she’s coated her faux findings with gilders paste?

If this antique line tickles your fancy, you may want to find Creating Your Own Antique Jewelry.

I’m on the road visiting family and working from various coffee shops with free wifi this week. I’ll be grabbing whatever catches my over-caffeinated eyes.

  • reply Cate ,

    Hmmm. I get this very same faux-metal look using metallic acrylic paints finger-rubbed onto clay. Very simple and quick, no smell at all, and extremely durable.

    • reply kathy ,

      I have always loved old, antique jewelry so I picked up a copy of Creating Your Own Antique Jewelry and was immediately entranced. I will be making ren-fair jewelry for myself and my friends when troupe off to the fair.

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