Picarello’s new book

This polymer scarf pin from Julie Picarello provides another good choice for keeping warm with a spot of polymer. Julie’s style is distinct and her special techniques are laid out in her new book, Patterns in Polymer which is due out this spring. The yummy pictures on her Flickr pages give you a taste of what’s ahead.

Another upcoming book popped up in that dangerous “you might also like” section on Amazon. Masters of Polymer Clay will show the dazzling works of 40 of our most noted fellow artists. Looks like this spring’s crop of books will be a good one.

Spread the word

Holiday festivities and travel almost made me forget that I’m scheduled to teach classes in Worthington’s lovely MAC art facility starting January 5 for six weeks. As on PCDaily, my classes will offer a smorgasbord of polymer possibilities. Help me spread the word! Thanks!

You may note more food references than usual slipping into my vocabulary. I’m on the road and the free wifi networks at restaurants are having a subliminal effect!

  • reply Peggy Reichenbach ,

    I love love this! The texture really grabs your eye and the colors are amazing!!

    • reply Marlene Brady ,

      Thanks! I’ve placed my order with Amazon for both books. Julie’s ability to match her polymer blends with the fiber colors is amazing. Just beautiful.

      • reply Meisha ,

        Julie does indeed have a distinct style. Fabulous…just like her personality!
        I’m so pleased to see Julie has a book coming out. I’ve already pre-purchased Masters in Polymer clay, I just may add Julie’s book to my shopping list. My very best wishes to you Julie. Have a great New Year.

        • reply Pamela LaBorde ,

          Oh, I have always LOVED Julie Picarello’s works and I’ve admired her style for a few years now. I can’t wait until her book comes out!!! I’m off to pre-order both books right now!

          • reply Maureen Thomas ,

            Congratulations, Julie….can’t wait to get my hands on my copy!

            • reply JeannieK ,

              Beauty and function! Got the books pre-ordered. Can’t wait.
              Be safe Cynthia out on the road.

              • reply Kathleen Anderson ,

                Julie’s pin design looks like those I’ve made and put on my site. Creative energy must float around in collective consciousness.

                • reply LizT ,

                  Julie’s teaching technique is inspirational and I’m betting her book will be too. I’ve pre-ordered and can’t wait for it’s release. I saw her work on a site several years before I touched a block of clay and wondered, “wow, how does she do that?” Having taken a class from her I know how she does it, but I still marvel at the beauty of her work.

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