Sophie Arzalier Tricia Dalziel Cindy Gimbrone

You must see how Sophie Arzalier grows her tattoo-inspired love heart into an elaborate polymer cane. In the same vein, she’s created a Rosie the Riveter cane that shows equal detail with a less romantic sentiment.

Tricia Dalziel’s Sacred Heart is one of a series of 20 sculptures in her Verses Of The Heart series created as part of a personal healing process.

Cindy Gimbrone aimed for a shabby chic effect with her polymer Heart Mandala. She explains that, “The heart represents metaphorically our emotions, our feelings. Pairing the symbol of the heart with a mandala means to me the universe is in each one of us, it is in our hearts. So, I give you the universe in this heart.”

Tory Hughes takes a contemporary approach with this blue heart brooch that’s been embossed, painted and sanded. You’ll find it on her newly tweaked and refined web site.

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    hello ! c’est en effet la mode et la période des petits coeurs !!!moi aussi , j’ai succombé , dans un tout autre genre que ceux que l’on voit ici ! je connais celui de Sophie ” Cristalline ” ; les autres sont très originaux aussi ! bravo à toutes!!! JINe

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