The last time we spotted Hélène at Les Ethiopiques she was fooling us with polymer leather. Now she’s stumped us with wood lookalikes. Her polymer burls twist themselves into curved necklaces and bracelets embellished with copper wire.

Wood burls, deformed, worn and weathered tree growths, are prized by woodworkers and my cabinetmaker husband wasn’t convinced that this was polymer. But it is. Hélène will have woodturners scratching their heads wondering where she found such fine wood specimens.

Emilie at Lily’s Treasures brought the link to our attention.

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  • reply Donna Greenberg ,

    Wonderfully beautiful and tactile. I would so wear these.

    • reply Anita Brandon ,

      Fabulous faux wood and wonderful piece!

      • reply Diane Bottum ,

        WOW, great shapes, I wish they were lighter in color because my first impression was of dog poop! I just want her to use a burlwood pipe for her model and get more of the woody-wood look in them,

        • reply Cynthia Tinapple ,

          I was afraid of that (and lots of others weren’t brave enough to say). A woodworker sees burl. I think it’s more common look in Europe.

        • reply cecile gouton ,

          Magnifique et spectaculaire !

          • reply Créa'Sofimo ,

            Bravo Hélène pour cette mise à l’honneur amplement méritée
            tu nous épateras toujours

            • reply Les éthiopiques ,

              Merci Cynthia ! Je suis très heureuse (et surprise) que la “grande prêtresse” de la polymère américaine donne un coup de projecteur sur mon “travail” d’amateur. Merci de tout coeur. Et sorry de ne pas m’exprimer en anglais. Hélène.

              • reply Sandra Davis ,

                Thank cyntia for show us all the beautiful art that we can do with polymer clay

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