Learn to quilt with polymer

These new polymer quilt canes from Minnesota’s Jennifer Patterson are built from extrusions (with more on Facebook here). It’s fun to look closely and see how she assembles the shapes using marbilized clay that simulates fabric. The squares are further textured and shaped into beads and brooches.

The one on the far left above is a custom design commissioned by the Oregon Coastal Quilters Guild. The piece at the right is a famous Underground Railroad sampler design.

Click here to see how she stacks the long extruded strands of polymer. She sells extruder disks made specifically for quilt patterns. There’s a free Ohio Star Quilt tutorial on her site if you’d like to give it a try.

  • reply Anita Brandon ,

    Her work has mind-boggled me for a long time and it keeps on getting more intricate and more beautiful. I’m in awe! It was so interesting to see the pictures of how she builds the canes.

    • reply Barbara Forbes-Lyons ,

      If you like the whole quilting idea, check out Suzanne Ivester’s miniature quilt store on her Facebook. Very well done.

      • reply sandra weatherford ,

        jenny is always so helpful..if she is working on her canes she will turn her webcam on so everyone can watch. what an education…the acrylic rods she uses are totally awesome. makes square canes a lot easier….

        • reply Janie ,

          Love Jenny’s quilt canes! Nice to see her featured here.

          • reply Kathleen Anderson ,

            What lovely quilt patterns Jenny has recreated! However, one correction, the myth of an “Underground Quilt Code” lacks historical accuracy. While it may be comforting to think such a code existed and several people have written books about it, there actually is no historical evidence supporting the existence of such a code.

            • reply Hazel ,

              Incredible – the shading and colour effects in the canes are so effective.

              • reply Jenny Patterson ,

                Oh Wow! THANK YOU Cynthia! What a nice write up.
                On the underground Railroad subject, I understand about the historical part, I have heard arguements on both sides. Which is why I usually call it a legend or myth too.
                I guess I really should update the pictures of the cane process, I haven’t used the 2 x 4 levers for extruding in ages! LOL.

                • reply Sigal ,

                  Gorgeous cane work !!! HUGE Like !!

                  • reply Marcy Stillings ,

                    Jenny’s work always has me in awe and it keeps getting better and better.

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