Polymer visions of the future

Stroll through entries into a european polymer design contest, Visions of the Future. (No translation problems – it’s offered in several languages though the names of the artists aren’t revealed.)

After all that’s happened in our world recently, it’s refreshing and restorative to see such optimism.

The contest was organized by the French supplier, Perles & Co, in partnership with groups and guilds from France, Germany, Austria, Spain, Holland, and Italy.

Be sure to vote for your favorite before the end of March when winners will be announced.

  • reply Bettina ,

    You picked two of my favourites! I’m a member of the Jury and I guess I’ll have a hard job picking from all these nice pieces. Fortunately the web community has the first vote to select 40 pieces for us to jury on.

    • reply Eva ,

      Hello Cynthia!
      Thank you very much for this showcase on the contest. Hope you’ll enjoy the show: “Visions of the Future and Inovation/Inventiveness”!!!
      PCdaily always try to stimulate us in this way.
      Thank you for this point!

      • reply Anita Brandon ,

        What an treasure trove of amazing and creative work. It’s going to be very hard to choose my favorite. Cynthia, thanks so much for sharing this with us.

        • reply Lynn Lunger ,

          Wonderfully interesting works! I’m always amazed by the incredibly creative vision artists bring to this diverse media.

          • reply vaharoni ,

            Not so blind.
            Many of the photos have the artist’s name or logo imprinted.

            Some wonderful originality presented.

            • reply Sara ,

              Wow!! My work!! Thank you very much Cynthia!!:))

              • reply POPPY ,

                Am enthralled with the “Visions of The Future” entry that appears to be a flexible “collar”. Is it poly clay?! If so, what have I missed? FLEXIBLE CLAY?! If it’s clay but not flexible, how does it go around the neck? LOVE LOVE IT!

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