Smokin’ extrusions

You may find it hard to believe but Sarah Shriver has never extruded polymer. Today I introduced her to the wonders of extrusion with a stainless steel extruder, adaptor and variable speed drill. Sarah shows her delight at her discovery.

She marveled and promptly included her results on one of the beads in the project she and Dayle Doroshow are working on. (Only one side on the bead is covered in this picture.)

You’d be surprised at how many of these polymer experts haven’t experimented with techniques outside their own. This week has provided them with an opportunity to be novices without embarrassing themselves.

  • reply genevieve ,

    Its very encouraging to get a glimpse at the you all still learning! (Sarah and Dayle’s “plate” of parts looks like a very exotic fruit salad – a gorgeous fruit salad mind you!)

    • reply Janie ,

      The photos of her with the extruder are to funny!

      The project looks interesting…

      • reply Lyn ,

        One of the many reasons that I need a 12-step program for polymer clay is the camaraderie! I love the idea but have not yet experienced a clay day or clay vacation but it is on the list. And with your posting, I am thrilled at that prospect even more. I’ll go ahead and work on my skills for now – I’ve got a long way to go but I certainly get encouraged every morning when I read PCD!


        • reply Cindy ,

          HI! I have taken 2 of Sarah’s classes. She is a wonderful teacher and person! I just love her. We did some trading in 2005: one of my Bead Knitted Amulets for her Kaleidescope Cane VHS video.

          Glad to seed she is learning new stuff!! GO SARAH!!

          Hugs to all,

          • reply Margaret ,

            So where can I learn the drill extrusion technique ??

            • reply Charline Ahlgreen ,

              Leave it to Sarah to become a gun-toting extruder! She’s such fun to work with.

              • reply sandy ,

                Okay, “variable speed drill”??? WHAT do you use that for in an extrusion? Plz educate!!!

                • reply Sera ,

                  LOL! Sarah Shriver channelling John Wayne? Or is it Charlies Angels? I love it!

                  • reply Catherine ,

                    A little off topic…has anyone use oil pencils on polymer clay (before or after firing)?

                    • reply Trudy ,

                      Amazing. I followed the links, saw previews of the dvd’s by Dayle and bought them immediately. Besides the wonderfulness of the extruded project, I discovered another artist who shares skills in such a warm and inviting manner. PCD is the newbie’s best friend.

                      • reply Moro ,

                        How do you use an electric drill on an extruder?

                        • reply Coby Schrijver ,

                          I can’t believe that you have never worked with an extruder. It shows that even the top artists can learn something from us humble souls. I love the way you incorporated the extruded bits in your bead. I must try that too.

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