Scribbles and scrambles

This “Inca Scribbles” pendant from Jan Montarsi is one of the latest in his mica shift series of polymer pendants and covered eggs based on extruded strings.

Jan’s colors are soothing and he’s an experimenter. Be sure to read his profile and check out the Flickr group he recently created.

Jan’s pendant resembles my scrambled brain. I’m finally at home and slowly settling back in with a head filled new ideas and great memories. Sorry if you missed PCD with your coffee this morning. Thanks to Carol Simmons for the link that saved me today.

  • reply Cindy Walcott ,

    Definitely missed you with my morning coffee! Glad you had a great time playing away!

    • reply Meisha ,

      Jan’s Mica shift series is very compelling. Looking through the flicker sight, I found several examples I really liked. Jan’s and Carol Simmons work with metallic clay motivate me to play more with metallics.

      • reply claire maunsell ,

        I just found these the other day! Aren’t they wonderful?

        • reply Trina Williams ,

          Love those strings! Dotty McMillan found a picture of some beads that looked similar and we have been trying to figure out 1: How to do it and 2: who did it. The strings (probably after the bead is shaped) are shaved to show the inside colors (a stacked extrusion). Any clues?

          • reply Carol Simmons ,

            Glad to help. Jan is doing great work!

            • reply Janice Sears ,

              I love this! Great vibrant color and design and it does look Incan. Way to go!

              • reply jan montarsi ,

                WOW!!! What an honor it is to be featured here today. How appropriate that it was late today, It’s been the most MAniC MoNDaY I have had in a very long time. I hope evryone visits and posts to my new “Polymer Clay Backstory” group on Flickr. I think it will be a great place to learn & exchange ideas for all!! Thanks again Cynthia and you too Carol for making both our days better.

                • reply Sharon ,

                  Such beautiful colors! Welcome home!!!

                  • reply Priscilla ,

                    Thanks, Cynthia, for featuring yet another talented artist from the Dayton Area Polymer Clay Guild. Jan joined less than a year ago and we’re fortunate to have him sharing his inventiveness not only with polymer, but with tools as well.

                    • reply Ellen Rubin ,

                      Does anyone know if Jan Montarsi has a tutorial for creating his Inca Scribbles pendant? I know he has one for making orange pearl. I want to know how he makes the individual sections and neat lines of color. The whole series is extraordinary!!!!!


                      • reply Sandra ,

                        Great pendant.

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