Welcome distractions

These polymer sprites from Italy’s Barbara Oppizzi remind me of how charmed and distracted I am this week by a visit from my own munchkin grandson.

Barbara’s sprites’ poses match Oliver’s when he’s happily at play on the floor. Her polymer flowers could have been plucked from a sumptuous garden.

My toy strewn living room looks like it was hit by a baby bomb. My studio is closed for the week while this very small muse teaches me a few things. Luckily I can sneak off to the computer while he naps.

  • reply Judy ,

    I can hear your sweet laughter right thru the computer. Have a wonderful week with lovely Oliver!

    • reply Jeanniek ,

      Barbara”s flowers look so real. So, so pretty! I love the picture of the suculents. Oliver is adorable and such a sweet smile.

      • reply Melinda Hayes ,

        Those are fun and the grandson is way too cute!

        • reply Natalia García de Leániz ,

          Oh, Cynthia, Oliver is sooooo cute! Enjoy this week with him!!!

          • reply Kat Griffin ,

            Love gnomes !…and I collect the ton Clark ones (resin not clay)
            your little cutie is , just that, cute as a button

            • reply Maureen Carlson ,

              Cynthia, sounds like you have your priorities well in hand. Blessings,
              Maureen Carlson

              • reply jana ,

                Good grief, could he be any cuter???! Still much resembling Grandma…

                Barbara’s flowers are wonderful!

                • reply Lynn/UnaOdd ,

                  Oh goodness how sweet he is! Those are the important distractions! Enjoy!!!

                  Lovely sprites – such charm.

                  • reply ronna ,

                    Is that the portrait of a child who is loved, or what??!!?? Give him a hug and kiss for me …

                    • reply Peg Harper ,

                      Oliver is a dolly!

                      • reply Sue ,

                        I think I’m in love with that little Oliver — what a little cutie pie he is!!!

                        • reply Dede Leupold ,

                          Oh yeah….I see Grandma there! What a cute and lovable distraction!
                          Barbara’s sprites and flowers are wonderful too!

                          • reply lynn dunn ,

                            Because it makes such cute sprites is one of the reasons I love polymer clay. Compared to the real thing, however…… He is a total darling.

                            • reply Susan ,

                              Enjoy every scrumptious second of your time with him. Looks like Oliver is The Ultimate Muse. Doesn’t get much better than that.

                              • reply Marian Hertzog ,

                                Oliver is adorable and has your eyes for sure!
                                Barbara’s dolls and flowers are beautiful. So real and soft looking. PC is amazing. It can look so different and be used in so many ways.

                                • reply Anne-Ingrid ,

                                  Si jolis petits lutins! Est-ce qu’ils aimeraient les macarons ces lutins-là?

                                  • reply Wendy Moore ,

                                    Directions to check out this gorgeous photo have been emailed to Nepal Cynthia! What a gorgeous wee man! He is in the right colour too!

                                    • reply Janice Sears ,

                                      Oliver is the best kind of muse. I firmly believe that children keep us young and joy keeps your heart healthy. Those flowers are so real looking that I was just amazed. What a talent!

                                      • reply Wendy W Malinow ,

                                        Love the Italian sprites – going to Italy soon, thanks for the timely inspiration!
                                        My main question, though, is…. Will we see/read posts of Oliver inspiration along the way? (couldn’t be cuter…..!)
                                        My youngest “leaves the nest” tonight (last hs graduation) so Oliver is a bit of an “awwwwwww”….For the sad (ish) mom

                                        • reply suzanne ,

                                          those sprites are very cute, and, her flowers look so real that i had to take another look.

                                          but oh my, is little Oliver just cute as buttons. he looks sooo happy, and i bet his grandma looks just like him. enjoy your lovely time together!!

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