Well-balanced polymer

Pam Sanders was inspired by the Borgias for some of her latest polymer creations. (Remember, the Borgias inspired Marie Segal as well.)

This precarious balancing act sculpture makes me smile as it reminds me of the sometimes silly demands of our busy lives.

Pam’s lighted humorous characters are a departure from her¬†moody, mysterious face art in both polymer and in other media. She describes her urban artifacts as “modern with an ancient spirit.”

Pam started out as a knitter/embroiderer and has evolved to mixed media wearable art sculptures. She calls herself an eclectic artist and her most recent mixed bag of faces shows the range of her art. Have a well-balanced weekend.

  • reply Tina Wade ,

    Awesome Work Pam!

    • reply suzanne ,

      love your style!
      am i lucky to get PCD! i get to meet so many artists. thanks Cynthia!

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