Bewildered polymer

Anne Klocko’s Balls suits me just fine today. Her character has a head full of beads (like me) and looks bewildered (also like me). Must be the heat.

Anne’s pensive and peculiar polymer characters all seem to be working out answers to important questions in her beautifully framed spaces.

Her thick portfolio should keep you busy while I get my brain back in gear.

Anne, Sarah Shriver and Louise Fischer Cozzi can be found at the ACC San Francisco show August 12-14.

  • reply Anita Brandon ,

    Her “A wild and colorful bunch!” leave me in awe!

    • reply Mags Bonham ,

      Thanks for sharing this Cynthia! Her work is truly outstanding.

      • reply Priscilla ,

        Her characters are just charming.

        • reply Sera ,

          I just love “bedazzled” – there is something vaguely obscene looking with that headpiece – LOL. My other two favourites are “curly bird” – and “four seasons”. Whilst they are all similar in style – the colours, poses and facial expressions make them all beautifully unique.

          • reply Sera ,

            Is what she calls “vinyl clay” – regular polymer clay? I’m a bit confused…

            • reply JeannieK ,

              I love the ball hair lady and her lips. I just want to kiss her. Is that too weird? I paged through Anne’s portfolio twice. Very expressive.

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