Red, white and Belarus

One more touch of red, white and blue to celebrate the U.S. July 4 holiday. This one comes to us from Anastasia Arinovich in Belarus and reminds us how the big world that polymer artists share sometimes feels like a small neighborhood.

Her mint and chocolate version of these beads may appeal to your eyes and your taste buds. Her peony earrings could have been picked from bushes in your yard.

The link comes to us by way of Belarus’ Anna Anpilogova.

  • reply Katya Tryfonova ,

    Perhaps there was confusion, but the link was sent by me (on Facebook) 🙂

    • reply Sarah ,

      Very nice!

      • reply PJ ,

        I love the old red, white and blue, but the minty chocolatey ones are awesome, I can feel the texture, just by seeing it. Very talented!!!

        • reply lisak ,

          I am new to caning and would love to know how to get the circles in the cane to remain circle shaped when I roll the bead. Any suggestions?

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