Beat-the-clock polymer

Japanese designers Yuji Kawauchi and Yuri Hamaguchi of Atelier Sango sculpted mini-portraits out of polymer clay (Bend and Bake) at the recent Dwell on Design event in Los Angeles. Twice a day they picked someone from their audience and created a portrait in 30 minutes.

The duo produce figures for claymation videos and presented their work as part of the Yakitate! (fresh baked) show of emerging artists.Watch the video in the right column to see Kawauchi in action.

Can you imagine sculpting a likeness in front of a crowd with the clock ticking? They’re used to working fast since a 30-minute movie requires approximately 21,600 stops to change the figures for the frames.

You can see their animations and more information about them on the DesignBoom site. The link came to us from DailyArtMuse/Susan Lomuto.

  • reply Anita Brandon ,

    Mind boggling work they do and they sure must work well under pressure and time constraints. “21,600 stops to change the figures for the frames”. Yikes!

    • reply Adriana Ayala (ClayCatShop) ,

      Yuri & Yuji are amazing!!! Atelier Sango produces wonderful claymations that are full of great expressions and details! Super talented artists and a really great team! 🙂

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