Working in circles

Working in circles is how Utah’s MaryAnne Loveless describes the polymer collages she assembles on boxes and books and jewelry.

I’d already spotted her work because of its range of pleasing patterns and palettes. A note from MaryAnne’s son made me bring her to you today.

“My mother is an amazing polymer artist, all familial bias aside,” said Joe. He thought that recognition on PCD would surprise her and make her proud. A son’s thoughtfulness makes for a heartwarming Monday story.

Sometimes good things happen even when you feel like you’re working in circles.

  • reply Marian Hertzog ,

    How sweet of her son! She does really nice work!

    • reply Loretta ,

      Mothers of sons everywhere are smiling.
      Very nice work on both accounts MaryAnne!

      • reply Hazel ,

        What a great story – and what great work!

        • reply genevieve ,

          Lets hear it for MaryAnne (and Joe)! I love her earthy colors and that asymmetric necklace on her blog!

          • reply Anita Brandon ,

            LoveLY Loveless work! So pleasing to the eye, intricate and meticulously crafted. BRAVA to both MaryAnne and her thoughtful son.

            • reply Chris K ,

              What an amazing way with color. It is really a gift to balance so many colors and create such a harmonious whole. Loved them!

              • reply Ginny Baker ,

                So wonderful that he’s so proud of his mom. :o) And what wonderful work she does!

                • reply Sharon ,

                  Her son is right, these pieces are beautiful!! thanks for sharing

                  • reply Georgie Galante ,

                    Very nice and interesting too. Great colors.

                    • reply Mary Anne Loveless ,

                      What a thrill! Thank you, Cynthia, for this great forum, and thanks to all those who make comments. I love my job. I love to spend time in my studio, but it can get a little lonesome. So it’s wonderful to hear encouraging words from others who reach out. Made my day.

                      • reply Mary Anne Loveless ,

                        Oh, and I almost forgot. My son Joe is something else. I don’t know anyone who cares more about other people and how they feel than he does. Warms my heart.

                        • reply JeannieK ,

                          Mary Anne your son sounds like a very thoughtful, caring young man. You taught him well. Your work is beautiful.

                          • reply Pamela ,

                            I would like to receive PCD by email. I subscribed with my former email address but have not been able to do so with this new email address. Can you help me? Thank you.

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