Polymer independence

The Orange County, California guild pulled out their red, white and blue polymer to help celebrate this flag-waving Independence Day weekend.

Guild member Cassy Muronaka explains how an inchie swap is a democratic art activity, “Newbies can go toe-to-toe with more experienced polymer clay artists, because creating a one-inch piece of art that probably will be used in a mosiac isn’t that big of a brain drain.  If you want to go crazy and make a tiny little masterpiece, you can.  But designing the inchies does not have to suck up a large chunk of your life, and the challenge that is presented to your creative muse is relatively modest.”

Flags abound on the Internet this week. Florida’s Sarah Berman displays a heap of polymer patriotism with the stars and stripes on her Etsy site. This bangle is a favorite. Have a grand weekend.