Swirls of activity

After 16 years selling at juried fine art fairs, Wisconsin’s Laura Timmins decided 2011 was the year to take her polymer designs to the wholesale market with the new name, SwirlStone. “No more retail online or at shows! I’m loving my new business, but it’s a big learning curve,” she reports.

Laura is able to achieve a consistency and a depth of detail in her lentil swirl beads that is unmatched. This Flickr picture of her ocean of lentil beads is proof.

Laura’s introduced several stunning new designs based on her distinctive pattern. You can see them on her SwirlStone Facebook page.

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  • reply Melanie J Pierce ,

    WOW…Laura takes the “swirl” beads to a whole new level with her lentil beads. What is amazing is on her site she shows her process step by step. Very precise works of art. Kudos Laura. I’ve never seen such detail and depth. Beautiful work!! 🙂

    • reply Carol Simmons ,

      Pictures don’t do Laura’s work justice. It is so clean and elegant in real life! Congrats on your new endeavor, Laura.

      • reply Laura Timmins ,

        Thank you for the kind words everyone! I’m really enjoying my wholesale adventure!! My work is now available in 44 galleries across the US and growing. I will be adding a page to my website, as soon as I can catch my breath, listing all of them.

        • reply Dede Leupold ,

          I agree, her work is so elegant! It is amazing to watch her create these little masterpieces. I love my Ocean Swirl pendant I have of hers along with the beautiful cord. Congratulations on your success Laura!

          • reply Trina Williams ,

            I have earrings by Laura from Ravensdale ’98 where she taught some of us to swirl and some I just bought and the intricacy has only become better. I confess that I don’t have the patience to do more than a primitive swirl. Laura is definetly the master!

            • reply Susan O'Neill ,

              Laura’s “swirlies” are the standard by which the rest of us wannabes should be judged – she is IMO the final word on this technique. Congrats, Laura, on the new venture!

              • reply Sherry Bailey ,

                Wow, en masse like that those lentils look like some exotic seashells or something… gorgeous!

                • reply Pati Bannister ,

                  What a wonderful and elegant piece!

                  • reply Meisha ,

                    Laura’s precision is AMAZING! I marvel at her consistency. Soooooo glad the the new Wholesale venture in going so well. Congrats! Love the new white swirl.

                    • reply doreen kassel ,

                      Very beautiful! Photography can’t really capture the depth & luminous quality her beads have.

                      • reply Jursvi ,

                        Laura’s works are so wonderful.. she is a real artist!!! GREAT!!

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