An accurate polymer picture…

As a guest blogger, I would like to direct your attention to an issue that affects the polymer community and to offer you the opportunity to have your opinion heard.

The manufacturers are grappling with many issues that center around reformulating polymer and bringing the best product to market. Your response to this comprehensive survey allows you to rank which issues are most important to you. With an accurate picture of our needs manufacturers may make products that suit us better.

Grab your favorite beverage and expect to invest 10 to 15 minutes of your time to answer 40 questions. The responses will be tallied and sent as one document to all the polymer manufacturers. Here’s the survey.

As a thank you for your efforts, you will have a chance to win an autographed copy of Terra Nova – Polymer Art at the Crossroads, released in conjunction with the opening of the Racine Art Museum’s exhibition. This special book has been signed by all the boundary-breakers! To enter the drawing, fill out the survey and comment on this post “I took the survey.” Then check next Monday to see if you won.

Editor’s Note: Congratulations to Carol Dotin, winner of this giveaway. Thanks to all who participated.

guest post from Lindly Haunani

  • reply Shelley Poole ,

    I took the survey! Hope that it is helpful in having an open dialogue with the manufactures.

    • reply Susan Buchanan ,

      I took the survey.
      And now I see there are a few more magazines I need to subscribe to!

      • reply suzanne ,

        i entered the survey

        • reply martina mahdavi ,

          “I took the survey.”

          Looking forward to the results of the survey. Hope you will share them.

          Greetings, martina

          • reply Jana Lehmann ,

            I took the survey!

            • reply Massimo Agostinelli ,

              I took the survey! I hope the manufacturer’s finally develop a consistent polymer clay for professional and serious clayers!

              Thank you!

              • reply Trudie Averett ,

                I took the survey

                • reply Angela McDorman ,

                  I took the survey. Can’t wait to see how it turns out. Maybe there’s hope for Cobalt Blue and Zinc Yellow, after all (fingers crossed).


                  • reply vicky edwards ,

                    I did the survey. Would like to win the book.

                    • reply Karin Ashdown ,

                      I completed the survey.

                      • reply Ashley Hetler ,

                        I took the survey.


                        • reply Kerstin Rupprecht ,

                          Thanks for this survey! I think it’s an important issue! And yes, I took the survey.

                          • reply Katie Way ,

                            Took the survey!

                            • reply Patti ,

                              I took the survey but the link at the end did not work on 2 different browsers. A reply to my email about this said to leave this comment here to be entered into the drawing. Thank you!

                              • reply Kim Cochran ,

                                took the survey…WOW! really had to think hard there with much of it! LOL

                                • reply Bette ,

                                  Thanks for organizing this poll. Will the results be shared here on PCD? Will all the manufactures receive the results as well?

                                  • reply Zoe ,

                                    I took the survey!

                                    • reply Rounding Up Sunday · Polymer Clay | ,

                                      […] forget! Take the survey on Polymer Clay Daily (if it’s still up by the time this posts) Speak up about how you think […]

                                      • reply Patty Woods ,

                                        I took the survey. Kind of exciting to hear of the changes.

                                        • reply Super size polymer | Polymer Clay Daily ,

                                          […] Editor’s Note: Congratulations to Carol Dotin, winner of last week’s giveaway, an autographed copy of Terra Nova – Polymer Art at the Crossroads. Thanks to all who took the survey. […]

                                          • reply Susan Averello ,

                                            I took this survey

                                            • reply Theresa ,

                                              Thank you for letting me join in and take the survey!


                                              • reply margaret ,

                                                There is soooooooooo much to do with clay…from chains to 3 King figures for X-mas…..and without having to fire.

                                                • reply Sherry Lewis ,

                                                  I took the survey
                                                  Thank you for doing this!!!

                                                  • reply janice bradley ,

                                                    I took the survey

                                                    • reply donna smith ,

                                                      Took the survey. Long and interesting!

                                                      • reply MariaEva Nina Ramos ,

                                                        I took the survey

                                                        • reply Gayle Thompson ,

                                                          I took the survey

                                                          • reply Lindly Haunani ,

                                                            Thank you to everyone who has taken the survey. Even though the drawing for the Terra Nova book has closed- Carol Dotin was the winner- the survey is still open. Mags Bonham has let me know that as of this morning 947 artists have participated, including the 480 that have posted here on PCD.

                                                            • reply Sandy B ,

                                                              I took the survey.

                                                              • reply Bridget Derc ,

                                                                I took the survey

                                                                • reply Anne ,

                                                                  I took the survey, and I am glad I saw this because I wasn’t previously aware that polymer clay had phalates in it. That bothers me a lot, and I am glad to see that they are going to take them out, and HOPEFULLY Sooon!

                                                                  • reply Orly Fuchs Galchen ,

                                                                    I entered the survey.

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