Page McNall’s day job as a California dentist may pay the bills, but she has the soul of an artist.  You can see proof of that on her Flickr pages where she shows her talent working with color, pattern and texture.

Page is another artist who makes great use of scrap clay.  She also credits other artists such as Maggie MaggioBettina Welker and Rebecca Watkins as some of those who inspire her work.

If it’s cold and blustery outside, cuddle up with your computer and browse her 30-plus pages of polymer and metal clay creations.  It always warms the heart to see where an artist has been and where she’s going.

guest post by Barb Fajardo

  • reply Anita Brandon ,

    Beautiful combination of subtle colours and meticulous, but engaging designs that work together so well as a set and remind me of ancient artifacts of some hi tech ancient lost civilization.

    • reply Alice Stroppel ,

      Beautiful work, I can see Rebecca’s inspiration for sure. And even though it’s not cold here, I still managed to cuddle up and spend some time with her work, thanks for sharing Barb.

      • reply Trina Williams ,

        Nice work! Let’s hear it for dentists, and dental tools. My dentist gave me and old set of tools years ago. They are some of my favorite tools.

        • reply Jean Anderson ,

          Stuck inside with a tummy-bug this morning, I have just spent a happy hour looking through Rebecca Watkins’ flickr pages, thanks to your link. I love her style, the fish, the slightly aged look, and her generosity with “how-to’s”,
          New Zealand

          • reply Page McNall ,

            THANK YOU Polymer Clay Daily,

            I am so honored to be among the artists featured on your site. I am visiting family in Palo Alto, California but actually live in northern Virginia. I can’t wait to get home and make some new pieces. I feel newly inspired!


            • reply Carol Shelton ,

              Dentists have the training necessary to be metalsmiths. Their work with amalgams also make them ideal users of PMC and polymer clay. They have an aesthetic sense that likely guided them toward dentistry. So, if a dentist is tired of hearing people say, “Oh I hate going to the denstist,” then a new and personally rewarding career in arts and crafts awaits him or her.

              • reply Sandra ,

                Nice work!I have some dental tools and I like to work with them. Those tools make good carved into the clay.

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