Polymer mood rings

France’s Florence Minne-Khou wanted a ring to suit her every mood (and outfit). Cutting geometric shapes out of varying thicknesses, colors and patterns of polymer rolled flat gave her what she needed.

Try Florence’s idea when you’re in the mood for simple and elegant.

  • reply jursvi ,

    what a great idea.. they look amazing together.

    • reply Créa'Sofimo ,

      AAbsolutly GEOGUS Florence, it’s a big and good idea !

      • reply kat ,

        It’s so wonderful !!! I don’t speak english, sorry…

        • reply Alice Stroppel ,

          So effective with so many possiblities. Thanks for highlighting Florence and her idea.

          • reply Pïnklily ,

            J’adore tout ce que fait Florence… non seulement elle est douée mais en plus elle est adorable ! 🙂

            • reply creationmyway ,

              Thank you so much for this honor!!! It was so unexpected. What a nice way to start the Year! Thank you so much Cynthia for our “daily-polymeric-reading-pleasure”. Keep making us dream. Happy New Year to all :o)

              • reply suzanne ,

                what a cool idea! and i looked at her other work which is also eye catching!

                • reply cecile g ,

                  bravo Florence !

                  • reply Domitsu ,

                    A great creation by a great creator!
                    Florence mérite bien cette mise à l’honneur 🙂

                    • reply SANDRA ,

                      I LOVE THE GEOMETRIC RING SHAPE.

                      • reply Kit Pallesen ,

                        Love these and would like to try making some… I don’t have experience making rings though.
                        How do you get it the right ring size and all neatly cut out like these? 🙂

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