Sometimes cats are the best answer. LOL polymer cat bookmarks from Pati Bannister in this case. Pati says that she started making these for fun when her time to play was limited.

That’s often when you hit on success…not from the technique you learned or the trick you discovered…but from an open, playful mindset. It’s a big world out there and you may chose from many paths. I’m on my way home from vacation and feeling silly.

  • reply Mary Anne Loveless ,

    I just turned into a cat lover! What personality! What fun!

    • reply Alice Stroppel ,

      You can just see the fun Pati had while making these kitties. Just so straight from the heart, they’re darling.

      • reply Lynda Moseley ,

        How delightful! I’m totally charmed, and I love that big yellow boy in the middle! Way to go, Pati! Congratulations on your PCD feature!

        • reply Susan O'Neill ,

          These are adorable! Congratulations to my PCAGOE Guildmate, Pati!

          • reply Melinda Hayes ,

            Those are great!

            • reply Anita Brandon ,

              Wonderfully endearing! Love the textures and the expressions.

              • reply Elaine ,

                They’re so appealing! What a way to make the most of limited time and opportunities!

                • reply Cindy Matthews ,

                  Too cute, Pati! 🙂

                  • reply Beth Petricoin ,

                    So sweet and fun! Congratulations to Patti, one of my fellow PCAGOE friends!

                    • reply Selma ,

                      Cats are cuuuuuute! 😀 I’m fascinated with ornamentation. I see huge effort into materialization. All cats are different. This kind of thinking inspires me and now I am more than happy becouse I chose polymer clay as a medium to learn all about what polymer clay offers. I am a beginner but here I see a lot of my “teachers”. 😀

                      • reply suzanne ,

                        They are too cute! Why does my cat ignore them? i wonder is she jealous? Never mind i love them!

                        • reply Pati Bannister ,

                          Thank you so much for featuring my catmarks …and all of you for your wonderful and generous compliments. The cats thank you as well, of course ….

                          • reply Deb Hart ,

                            These are fantansic Pati!! GRATZ!

                            • reply Sandra ,

                              Love the cats.

                              • reply ladee ,

                                LOVE the cats, new project, but think I am going to line them up three or four side by side and make boxes with them…. first thing I thought of when I say them… whimsical little containers…. love it…. thanks for sharing this with us..

                                • reply Barbara Briggs ,

                                  I love these bookmarks…of course, I love cats too!

                                  • reply Tina ,

                                    Now there is a good reason to start reading!! Those cats are just wonderful! I love cats.

                                    • reply Jan ,

                                      Absolutely wonderful!

                                      • reply RoseMary ,

                                        These are so cute I love cats!

                                        • reply Marilyn Davenport ,

                                          Love these cats!

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