Tsaliki eggs

You’d better get crackin’ if you’ve got an Easter basket to fill this weekend.

Need inspiration? Greece’s Klio Tsaliki shows bowls and baskets full of polymer covered eggs in spring colors plus decorated candles.

For some of the eggs she winds a brightly extruded string of polymer round and round for a great effect. Much less messy than dyes! Here’s her Flickr collection.

Other egg-amples should turn up in the boxes below this post.

  • reply Anita Brandon ,

    Such a lovely collection of optimistic Easter eggs, each one a special treasure.

    • reply Klio Tsaliki ,

      Thank you so much Cynthia. I am very excited to be featured on Polymer Clay Daily for a second time, it seems that Holidays is my time. Thank you once again.

      Happy Easter!!!

      • reply Anita ,

        These are beautiful!!!!! Love all the colors!!!

        • reply Anita Behnen ,

          Guess I should put my last name up there… hello to a fellow ” Anita”

        • reply jan montarsi ,

          Klio I think you are the most prolific clayer in the world !!!
          There are so many fun things on your Flickr pages , I enjoy seeiing the new works
          constantly !!

          • reply L. Hempoon ,

            I do Ukranian sytle Easter eggs…I thought I’d offer a warning to those doing polymer-covered eggs. Raw eggs will explode over time if sealed in a tight container. I’m thinking the polymer might act as a tight container…I don’t know if leaving a small hole somewhere would be sufficient.

            Blowing eggs is such a pain (I don’t bother for my Easter eggs…I am just sure to keep them where air circulates…the paper carton they come in does not seem to be a problem for this…but even a china cabinet can be problematic. However, using hardboiled eggs for polymer may not be problematic. Hardboiled don’t take the Ukranian dyes, but as a kid I remember saving my hardboiled decorated eggs and they did not explode. (I saved them in a linen closet…good thing they didn’t explode.

            Hope this helps you have eggs that will last.

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