Innie/outie polymer

Massachusetts’ Roberta Warshaw creates her designs from a number of small stamps in a collection that she shows off here. Lately she’s inverted those assembled designs, creating an even more interesting effect as shown on the Faux Verdigris pendant here.

“I actually like the way they look better than the original impressed stampings. they have so much more depth this way. They feel much more like a small painting to me,” she says. See them all here and here.

When you don’t know which end is up, try making an “innie” an “outie.”

  • reply Alice Stroppel ,

    I’m a fan of Roberta’s, these pieces are so clever.

    • reply Deb Hart ,

      Absolutely stunning, Roberta! GRATZ!!!!

      • reply Nevenka Sabo ,

        Beautiful pieces. I love her work and follow her on Flickr.

        • reply Jainnie Jenkins ,

          Congratulations, Roberta! I love the work you’ve been doing!

          • reply Norma ,

            I love her work! I’ve been following her blog and she always comes up with wonderful work.

            • reply Selma ,

              Everything is so beautiful! Very inspirational pieces that look at the flickr page. Really amazing! 🙂

              • reply suzanne ,

                i love Roberta’s work and am following her on flickr.

                • reply Carole M ,

                  I love all the great and differnt faux looks

                  • reply Wendy Moore ,

                    I love the colours in these pieces and really appreciate Roberta’s “have a go” approach to experimenting!

                    • reply Lynda Moseley ,

                      Congratulations on the PCD feature, Roberta! I love these new pieces!

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