Bowl of bold beads

There are no wimpy colors or shy designs in Barbara Bechtel’s bowl of beads. (It was a grab bag and it’s gone.) While she specializes in beads inspired by tribal fetishes and netsukes, Barbara gives her polymer versions strong contrast and updated colors with fashionable flourishes.

It may take you a while to make the rounds of all the web addresses this prolific artist uses on Etsy, Facebook, and for her blog.

Read the artist interview with her on ArtBeadScene where she says, “I like that my work has remained true…I think it has always been a reflection of myself….a documentary, if you will. I can look back at both the good work and the bad work, and I can see what was going on in my life at the time.”

  • reply Patty ,

    Love Ms Barbara she is a beauty inside and out! her beads are some of my favorites!

    • reply Selma ,

      Very interesting textures of beads. Great work!

      • reply Erin Prais-Hintz ,

        Miss Barbara’s beads are indeed beautiful. I love the washes of color on them that are so rich and painterly. She is generous with her knowledge and lately I have been eating up her video blogs about tools and tips on working on Polymer Clay. Thanks for featuring her work!
        Enjoy the day.

        • reply Lori Anderson ,

          Barbara is an AMAZING artist — one of the reason why the one piece of jewelry I show on my blog header has her pendant in it! I also have one of her paintings and I can tell you — she has talent for DAYS!

          • reply Susan ,

            Such talent! One of these days I’m going to have to *really* put some effort into learning about polymer clay. So far, I’ve just dabbled (and what I’ve made looks like it!).

            • reply sandra ,

              The bowl of bead has good ideas how to make beads.

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