Painting with mokume gane tutorial

Painting with mokume gane

How about this reverse mokume gane from Bulgaria’s Maria Ivanova for a Friday brain teaser? Maybe you’d call it a combination of mokume gane and backfilling. Maria calls it painting with mokume gane.

Look at her quick visual tutorial and you’ll get the gist. That’s how this simple flower and her Lady with Flower pendant were done. Does this twist on a familiar technique start some wheels turning?

  • reply Amy E Wallace ,

    OH man, I will have a lot of fun experimenting with this. Though mokume gane is still one of my top favorite techniques, it has gotten somewhat predictable and boring. What a great new way of doing it!

    • reply Anita Brandon ,

      Innovative and simply elegant!

      • reply Maria Petkova ,

        Thank you for the sharing of my work,Cynthia !I really enjoy to work in this kind of mokume gane.Every time think that can be more complicated “painting”.Hope you like it!

        • reply Selma ,

          So simple and beautiful necklace. Very nice tutorial for as beginners!!! 😀

          • reply Trina Williams ,

            Very similar to the Sutton slice only the artist gets to decide on the image. Nice work, Maria!

            • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

              Really interesting–in theory, one could layer colors over a base, Deeply “draw” into the clay, and then create a controlled image—I like where this could go! this could get very complex in a hurry. So cool.

              • reply suzanne ,

                very beautiful necklace and thanks also for the wonderful tutorial!

                • reply Cathy Roth ,

                  I like the simplicity your pendant…remind me of art from the 1960’s…

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