Lam bangles

These bangles from Loretta Lam were heaped in a beautiful pile on a table. Loretta’s another artist who’s so busy that she doesn’t often update her web photos and this is our chance to get an update.

While she remains true to her signature patterns and muted palette, lately Loretta’s been applying the polymer pieces to sleek and dramatic bangle forms in a collage style. The finish is as smooth as the design.

  • reply Nevenka Sabo ,

    Amazing bracelets, lovely patterns and impeccable finish.
    I love, love, love them and I love Loretta so much. She is such a special person.

    • reply Mary Anne Loveless ,

      So impressive! I want to put them all on and feel the smoothness. Design, A+, craftsmanship, A+, color palette, A+.

      • reply Melanie West ,

        I’m lucky enough to have seen these beauties in person… and they really are GORGEOUS! I’m also lucky enough to be sitting across a work table from Loretta, and if I was a huge fan of her work… Well… I’m now a huge fan of Loretta! 😉

        • reply Lynda Moseley ,

          Ah, a feast for the eyes this morning! This tertiary color palette, muted but still vibrant, really speaks to me. I especially love that beautiful bangle perched on top of the pile.

          I am a huge fan of Loretta’s work and so happy to see her featured here on PCD. Congratulations, Loretta!

          • reply Ronna Sarvas Weltman ,

            Loretta is a wise, generous, hilarious, beautiful soul. That so many of us have had the luck and honor to have her thoughtful mentoring is a testament to her unselfish contributions to our arts community. Thanks for this photo, Cynthia. I hope you take more!

            • reply meisha ,

              Like Melanie, I’m a fan of Loretta’s work and Loretta herself!!! She’s a joy to spend time with. Recently,I saw these gorgeous bracelets in person, and told Loretta how much I loved them. The clean polished designs with their striking color combinations are a winner. Hugs Loretta.

              • reply Loretta ,

                thanks ladies for all the kind words and especially thanks Cynthia for making me “polymer queen for a day”!

                • reply doreen kassel ,

                  These are so beautiful! I love Loretta & her work, she is a generous & beautiful person. Her art is always luscious!

                  • reply Barbara Briggs ,

                    Absolutely wonderful!

                    • reply Debbie Crothers ,

                      these really ARE fantastic!! I especially love the square shaped beauty – yummy!!

                      • reply Page McNall ,

                        I am so glad that you featured Loretta’s beautiful polymer clay art. I was not aware of her work and feel very inspired by her lovely color combinations, patterns and textures. Just love it. Page

                        • reply Pati Bannister ,

                          What an exquisite and interesting collection….I agree; I’d like to wear them all together just for the pure pleasure of it.

                          • reply Selma ,

                            Absolutely amazing! Queen of bracelets!

                            • reply Sherry Bailey ,

                              So beautiful! I don’t wear bracelets, and yet I want them!

                              • reply Loretta ,

                                Thanks again for the lovely comments….I’m humbled.

                                • reply Jan Montarsi ,

                                  Where Was I on wednesday ???

                                  These are Flipping Fantastic !!!!

                                  • reply Marcia Simpson ,

                                    I love these bracelets, I own one from Left Bank Gallery in Orleans, and I need some of the new ones, for my collection!

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