Pieces of the PCDaily blog started moving themselves around unpredictably yesterday. And I started chasing them in the code (not my strong suit).

I threw up my hands in dismay and decided to focus on something positive like the brand new Etsy shop put up by the ladies in Birtamod, Nepal (with a big expert assist from Genevieve Williamson).

Look at those colors! Read Wendy Moore’s warm, wild commentary! I am so proud. Please go buy! Click a like or a favorite. It’s all good. The money goes directly to the project that you can read about here.

Miracle of miracles, the blog reshuffled itself back into place. “No, you did-dent,” I yelled at the computer and it smiled back. We seem to be on the mend! Thanks for your patience.

  • reply Sue O ,

    Cynthia, you must be so proud and pleased to have been a part of this great project and to see it come to fruition in the form of the beautiful work of these women on their Etsy site. What a wonderful contribution to the lives of these lovely women. Their pieces are just wonderful!

    • reply Meisha ,

      Wonderful! I purchased a set of shisha bracelets to support this important project. I love having these pieces as a reminder of Cynthia’s generous contribution to this effort.

      • reply Cynthia Tinapple ,

        Meisha, you are so kind. Thanks for your support!

      • reply Jena Daniels ,

        I love these bracelets!! Tried to buy a set but changed bank but the PayPal form just doesn’t accept the change. Same problem w/ address change! Still trying to find a solution!
        Would love to have info on how the beautiful polymer patterns are attached to the metal bracelet.

        • reply Peg Harper ,

          What lovely models! Makes me want to pack up my kit and head way east to play with them.

          • reply sandra ,

            Congratulation Cynthia because your soul is beautiful no anyone will help people like you do. That ladies know are happy and do not believe how a angel from USA can to help them and know they have a Etsy Sotre.

            • reply shabbyness ,

              Gorgeous colors!!

              • reply Sabine Spiesser ,

                I am so proud what Wendy Moore has achieved with the women creatively and how much further others have pushed their design skills. It is absolutely fabulous to be able to witness the creative growth of the group. It would be total bliss to live in a country where colour expression is so much part of everyday life.

                • reply Loretta ,

                  I decided on the orange shisha pumpkin necklace. Very lovely and worth every penny to both parties. Thanks Cynthia for this wonderful project.

                  • reply cara letho ,

                    Dear Cynthia
                    I wanted to thank you for your wonderful blog and pinterest sites- I look forward to every posting and are a constant source of inspiration.
                    I have just received my shisha bracelets from the samnurat shop and they are gorgeous!!!! They arrived in australia very quickly and I received excellent service.
                    I wouldn’t have known of their existance except for you- so thank you again

                    • reply Janice Sears ,

                      Beautiful jewelry, inspiring story, and nice to hear that Cynthia, Carol Simmons and Craig Brodahl made it possible for these ladies to have a cane slicer that they wouldn’t have been able to afford otherwise to help them with their venture.

                      • reply Kopila Basnet ,

                        Thanks you so much to all the people who have visited our shop and said such lovely things about it!!! We are very excited. Thank you Cynthia for telling others about it.

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