The UK’s Angela Garrod starts our week with these tidy bauhaus-like designs. The hollow lentil beads are covered with geometric designs that combine gold and pearl mica polymer with black contrasts.

She admits that the designs presented complex and challenging problems. Angela was named Voila’s Polymerista of the Year in the Proficient Category for 2011. She has started teaching her techniques and is scheduled at the UK’s Polymer Pamper Play weekend in April 2013.

  • reply Nadege Honey ,

    Hi Angela, congratulations on being the star of PCD today! What a great piece. See you soon, Nadege x

  • reply Carol Blackburn ,

    Angela, it’s stunning, well done.
    See you at London clay day on Sunday.
    Carol xxx

  • reply Alice Stroppel ,

    It’s a fabulous piece Angela!

  • reply Nikolina Otržan ,

    It’s simply remarkable!

  • reply Rebecca Thickbroom ,


    Your creativity never ceases to amaze me, I am in awe.
    Can’t wait for PPP.

    • reply Angela Garrod ,

      Thank you Rebecca! I will bring it with me on Sunday.

    • reply Sandra ,

      Amaze beads and flowers Angela.

      • reply Pati Bannister ,

        I am almost speechless…amazing and beautiful accomplishment, Angela.

        • reply Sherry Bailey ,

          Exquisite! So sophisticated!

          • reply Svitlana ,

            This piece is stunning, the best polymer clay creation what I´ve seen lately. Perfect work. Can´t take my eyes off of this! BRAVO, ANGELA!!!!!! 🙂

            • reply Clare McKnight ,

              So exciting to see your work today. Wonderful precision and use of colour as always.

            • reply Alison Gallant ,

              Absolutely beautiful, Angela! xx

            • reply Mary Fassler ,

              Lovely work! I would take a class on your technique if it were available in the States.

              • reply Nina ,

                Angela- you have done it again, well done! See to Sunday

              • reply Irmgard Kaufmann ,

                Wow Angela. This is a great achievement. The design looks fantastic.

                • reply Angela Garrod ,

                  Hello everybody,This is monday evening and I have just discovered my necklace was featured today!! Thank you so much Cynthia!! Great honour again. Nobody had mentioned this on Flickr but I got a little suspicious of all the extra activity so here I am to have a look. And OH what a surprise!! I am so thrilled so many of you like this necklace. Many challenges had to be overcome and I also discovered muscles I thought I never had during my final finishing of the piece. Thanks again everybody!! Angela xxx

                  • reply Jana ,

                    Amazing precision, Angela…congratulations on this beautiful piece!

                  • reply Sabine ,

                    Wow!!!! Your creation hits the sweet spot for me. The design, energy, composition and craftsmanship all-together have led to a truly unique piece. This holds for both pieces, the first more organic one you posted here as well .
                    Stunningly wow – congratulations!

                    • reply Angela Garrod ,

                      Thank so much Sabine!! Amazing you think this is a WOW piece. I know from the work you do that you can tell the work that was involved in this one. So this is a wonderful compliment for me. Angela x

                    • reply Melanie Muir ,

                      When I met Angela at last year’s PPP and saw her work, I thought, “Wow, she’s one of our rising stars”, but looking at that necklace, her star has already risen and is now shining brightly above! So well done, Angela, keep pushing! xx

                      • reply Angela ,

                        Thank you so much Melanie!! Fantastic compliment coming from you. You from all people know what work and research is involved in my pieces. Love, Angela xx

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