Swirling inks from Greece

These sorbet colored lentil swirls from Athens’ Klio Tsaliki are the result of lots of experiments with Premo frost, Premo white, alcohol markers and regular markers.

The sweet pale colors are perfect for summer. For other seasons, see what Klio has done using Premo gold.

Watching the swirls of pattern materialize is addictive. If you’re looking for an easy and fun diversion in clay, this might just what you need.

If you’ve never made a bicone-shaped bead, you’re in for a treat. Desiree McCrory’s step-by-step is one of the best explanations. It’s like riding a bike and once you get it, you’ll take off.

  • reply Iryna ,

    Fantastic! Great colors, so tenderly!:)

    • reply Meg Newberg ,

      These are beautiful! They also look delicious! I can’t help but want to eat them.

      • reply Trina Williams ,

        Thanks for the tute from Dez. I have tried her method and Laura Timmon’s and even with practice I can’t do them well. Must be from left handedness.

        • reply Selma ,

          I love the colors, really great and wonderful work! 😀

          • reply Sandra ,

            Great colors style specially how the color got together.

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