Magdalene soutache

Fall colors are popping up. The faux soutache earrings created by Magdalena on this Polish site bring Halloween to mind….but a very sophisticated Halloween. What a perfect use for extruded clay.

I’m on the road this weekend with no time for research. Any Polish speakers out there who can tell us more about Magdalena?

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  • reply TonkArt studio ,

    What a cool design! It remind me on Maye’s

    • reply Sue O ,

      Gosh, her work is really lovely!

      • reply Sandra D. ,

        Fantastic work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • reply Dolly Madison Designs ,

          Oh! Polish, huh? That’s neat. My great gramdmother came from Poland, but I don’t speak it. 😀 Neat to see the patterns. I’m not familiar with Polish style, except that they like bright colors!


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