Nova Scotia’s Kate Church has uploaded a stash of recent work that will keep you thinking about sculpture. The posture and expression of each of Kate’s polymer sculptures imparts emotion, drama, action and joy.

Most of them are made to be adjusted, posed and moved. “Each piece is meant to become an artful muse for those who collect them,” she says.

The 21″ tall Betti and Geranium is one of Kate’s current favorites. Look out, her site is full of treasures! Don’t miss the gallery, her blog, her list of classes and even this student’s class pix.

  • reply Mary Anne Loveless ,

    Oooh! I want to try it! It looks so fun to bring these characters to life. Beautiful, delightful, crazy imaginative work! Love the poses as much as their saucy personalities.

    • reply rmkdesign ,

      I LOVE Kate’s work. Makes me want to try sculpting.

      • reply suzanne ,

        her work is so wonderful! it makes me want to try out something like this!

        • reply Varda ,

          I went to see Cirque Du Soleil recently and again was reminded of the class the Kate taught here in San Diego. So much fun and beauty. I just need to finish the pieces I started at her class. I recommend her classes to everyone even if you do not have sculpturing talent. These dolls will just get more interesting and have different unique expressions.

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