More faux batik beads from Pavla Cepelikova in Prague. These are hollow big beauties that will have you wondering which layer came first.

If you simply must know the answer, you may have to navigate to her Etsy site where she sells the tutorial for her solution to the problem.

Sweet wet kisses

Those vacation kisses from my grandson proved problemmatic and I’m recovering from his cold. All in all, the cold is worth it.

  • reply isabelle ,

    So nice always in admiration to new technique!!!!!!!

    • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

      I love Saffron Addict’s work–she has a great eye for color. Her mosaics are beautiful too.

      • reply Selma ,

        I love her brooches!!!

        • reply Brenda Urquhart ,

          Gorgeous work…love seeing new innovative techniques…would love to have the tutorial…however…it’s a bit pricey…if one can offer a 180pg e-book for $20…which after purchasing I would have paid double…I don’t usually question or comment on an artist’s price point…just couldn’t resist…apologies if this is a DVD download…but I believe it specifically stated PDF…this being said…it is still outstanding,gorgeous and innovative.

        • reply Kate Simpson ,

          Great use of colour, something I need to master.

          • reply Dede Leupold ,

            I have always loved batik. Pavla’s color choices are beautiful!

            • reply Eli Brown ,

              Ok, call me crazy but I have searched for a tutorial on how to make big hollow beads but the Googlegods continue to confound me. Anyone know of a good tutorial or set of instructions on making hollow beads?

              Love her colors but I also felt the PDF tutorial was a bit pricey.

              • reply Meisha ,

                Wow…what an interesting batik effect. Lovely.

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