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Diane┬áKeeble has been playing with Lynda Moseley’s Controlled Marbling tutorial. So has Margit Bohmer. Then I spotted a few others. Do you smell a Monday trend?

Polymer artists will stampede whenever someone shows them how to make good use of the pile of ugly scrap they’ve accumulated. And Lynda’s write up mentions that her blending method includes using Pardo translucent (another trend, right). Keep your eye on these soothing stripes.

Wood and polymer

Da Muse shows Tatjana Raum’s wood and polymer sculptures in her Saturday post. Don’t miss it.

  • reply Pippa ,

    Lynda’s tutorials are fantastic! So detailed, wonderful pictures and she shares so generously of her hints and tips. Not at all surprised to see that her latest one is trending. Way to go Lynda, so happy to see your work yet again on PCD!

    • reply Pippa ,

      And hit submit too quickly before I mentioned Di, really happy to see her work on PCD too, she makes such lovely beads!

      • reply Di ,

        Thanks so much for featuring my pendant! Lynda’s tutorial is great, I have only had a quick go so far but I intend to try lots more colour combinations. Can’t wait to see what others do with it!

        • reply Lynda Moseley ,

          Thank you very much for the feature on my new tutorial, Cynthia; and thank you, too, Pippa and Di for the lovely comments.

          My favorite thing about writing tutorials is seeing how my customers take the lessons and make them their own. I get goose bumps every time I see their creations, and these are wonderful!

          I ran out of listings this morning for a few minutes, but have now restocked the tutorial. I’m sorry for the inconvenience to anyone who looked for it and couldn’t find it this morning.

          Thanks again!

          • reply Becky ,

            I LOVE Tatjana Raum’s driftwood and polymer pieces! I’ve largely given up woodworking because it’s so hard on my old hands, but those make me positively salivate. I see a trip to the local state park in the near future, looking for interesting bits.

            • reply Kate Simpson ,

              Gotta love stripes, so striking.

              • reply John(SC) ,

                I have Lynda’s great Controlled Marbling tutorial. Although I have only experimented with it so far, I know it will prove to be one of my favorites. As with Lynda’s other tutorials that I have purhased, it is well worth the money. She is generous with the clear pictures and the well thought out instructions. The wording of the tutorials is easy to understand, to the point and instructions easy to follow. Even someone with limited polymer clay experience should have no trouble making these ideas work for them. She makes it possible to do things you thought you couldn’t. Of all the tutorials that I’ve purchased, Lynda’s are the best.

                Thanks again Lynda

                • reply Ginger Davis Allman ,

                  Lynda is such a dear, a tremendously talented artist, and a generous person. I’ve had a bit of fun with her tutorial so far and it’s truly ingenious. I’ve not created anything half as beautiful as her work, but I’ll keep trying. I may have her Controlled Marbling secret, but I don’t have her vision and talent with color. Oh my she’s good!

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