Joan Tayler on PCDaily

The Vancouver and Van Isle guilds have mounted an impressive month-long juried polymer show at Seymour Art Gallery. Even better, they’ve created a site for the show so that you can enjoy a virtual visit. Though the show is entitled Chameleon, referring to the versatility of polymer, the sea has a huge influence on the works of the artists in this coastal Canadian city.

Tina Holden on PCDaily

The fish above (the largest is 11″ long) are from Joan Tayler and the site features the work of Olga Osnach, Veronica Jeong, Gera Scott Chandler, Carolyn Good, Rachel Gourley, Tina Holden (those are her red Earrings Beyond the Ordinary), Wanda Shum, and Diane Bruce. (Shoot me a comment if I missed anyone.)

Kudos to the guilds for pulling this together and for sharing it with PCDaily readers this weekend.

  • reply Helen Breil ,

    Congratulations to the British Columbia West Coast groups for a spectacular show! Joan I know you worked very hard to make this happen. A major milestone for Canadian polymer art! Well done!

    • reply Lynda Moseley ,

      What a wonderful website! Thanks so much for putting the spotlight on our Canadian friends, Cynthia!

      Special congratulations to my good friend, Diane Bruce. Your necklaces are magnificent, Diane! I am so proud of you.

      • reply Diane Bruce ,

        Thank you Cynthia for featuring the Chameleon show. Joan (and helpers) worked very hard for this show and it really is an awesome showcase of polymer clay. And thank you Lynda for the congratulations.

        • reply Wendy Moore ,

          Lynda thank YOU for the donation of your tutorials to the ladies of Samunnat! They are thrilled to hear about this and are looking forward to working through them as soon as they can!!!

        • reply Barb Alexander ,

          Thank you Cynthia, for posting this! What a treat to see it featured. You missed Irene Corman, Sharon House, Jem Remlich and a deceased member whose name I will get for you. She did the “Martian” characters and was a terrific talent.

          Also the proceeds from our silent auction are being added to a guild donation for Sammunat! So great to see that fund-raising going so well – thanks to you and Ron. They couldn’t have done it without you two.


          • reply Wendy Moore ,

            Thank you to all our Canadian didi-bahini haru (big and little sisters) for raising money for us. Big hugs and congratulations for a wonderful show. I have loved reading about it and seeing the pictures.

            • reply ron lehocky ,

              What great news about dedicating the silent auction revenue to the Samunnat project. With generous and thoughtful people like those in your guild I know that we will reach the $10k goal and show the brave women of Nepal and those they love that a dream can be realized when our hearts meld into one. I salute their bravery and I salute Canada. I hope you inspire other guilds.

            • reply Jem Mercer Redlich ,

              • reply joan tayler ,

                It was great to see the Chameleon Show on Polymer Daily. The current plan to do the next Chameleon Show in 2015. Thank you Cynthia for having and eye to what is happening with polymer clay throughout the world.

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