Picarello on PCDaily

Julie Picarello sent out a spring newsletter filled with her updated palette of colors and mokume gane designs. Her book, Patterns in Polymer, is in its second printing and being translated into German. Customers swooped in to buy from her online shop so you’ll have to settle for just enjoying a look.

Picarello on PCDaily

I found these soft soothing lovelies in her galleries here and here and a few more on Flickr here. Her tell-all video is a huge favorite.

Party tricks

Wednesday night at 8:00 stop in at another popular and free I love tools party over at Craftcast. Patrik Kusek, Robert Dancik, Barbara Becker Simon, Christi Friesen and Robert Diamante will perform tricks with their favorite tools. Did I mention the prizes and coupons? Sign up here.

  • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

    Besides being a fabulous teacher–Julie just has a way of making everyone feel right at home while wowing them with heretofore unthought-of innovations, Julie just has an incredible way of presenting a very well defined technique in a way that always looks fresh–I recognize her work (and its offspring) instantly, but there’s always something just subtly different and new that grabs my attention.

    • reply Barb Lessen ,

      Love the book!

      Love her work!

      Inspires me!

      • reply Lyn ,

        That is a great video!!! All of Julie’s work is so inspirational!!! I gotta go get that book! Thanks!

        • reply Elsie ,

          By far, my best workshop experience was with Julie when she was in Vancouver BC a few years ago! Wonderful teacher and brilliant artist!

          • reply Sandra DeYoung Niese ,

            I am loving the colors!

            • reply Sabine Spiesser ,

              I have been intrigued by the Mokume Gane technique ever since Julie referred me to Tory Hughes fabulous DVD. The technique has inspired so many and been re-interpreted in so many ways. Despite all this Julie has managed to stick out from the crowd with her designs and color harmony. There is something soothing about the way she puts it all together with perfection into very collectible artworks. Sharing her knowledge does not seem to have diminished her success (correct me if I am wrong), but elevated her art to another level all-together. Congratulations on achieving a second edition, well deserved.Julie is a very generous soul!

              • reply DawnGaye ,

                I took a day long workshop with Julie a few years back and still apply so many things she taught us. She is a delight and an amazing artist.

                • reply Rebecca S Warner ,

                  Trying to connect with you on favebook, Julie! I love your art. Remember me Becky Lane at Dixon high?

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