Buggy polymer…and a giveaway

Lehmann on PCDaily

The problem is not your monitor, there really are bugs in the system and they’re polymer from Jana Lehmann. You can watch these beetle brooches escaping from their cute little boxes.

Lehmann on PCDaily

Jana’s work is consistently the most graphic and the tidiest I’ve encountered. There’s considerable sanding involved and lots of attention to detail.

Her polymer-covered pens always appeal to me with their shapely Skinner-blended bodies and their whimsical tops. Just for fun, I’m offering five of the wooden pen bases that Jana uses as a giveaway today. I ordered a bunch from the German supplier (Bettina Welker delivered them) and they’re fun to try.

Make a comment and you’re automatically entered. I’ll announce a winner tomorrow.

  • reply Mary Anne Loveless ,

    Love these whimsical bugs and the adorable boxes, as well. What a nice gift/pet!

    • reply Nancy Gill ,

      The craftsmanship of these critters are amazing. Thanks for the chance to win.

      • reply Vicki Brown ,

        These are just wonderful!!

        • reply Sheila Willert ,

          I love bugs! These are so cute. Makes me want to go and play with the clay immediately!

          • reply Patty Schneider ,

            I don’t know how big they are but I was thinking they could also be used as shawl pins or scarf slides! Very bright, summery colors! 🙂

            • reply iratirita ,

              I have always loved Jana’s work. Her way to combine colors and shapes is stunning!

              • reply Kayleigh Sexton ,

                I love those bugs, they’re so colourful and full of fun 🙂

                • reply Thanh Lê ,

                  I can picture a number of these whimsical bugs marching up my wall. Thank you for the interesting posts, very addictive.

                  • reply Suzy McNeil ,

                    What beautiful use of colour, pattern & texture! LOVE them! 🙂

                    • reply Sue Corrie ,

                      So precise and beautifully finished, but all done with a great sense of fun. What a winning combination!

                      • reply Gillian Pearce ,

                        These pen bases are a great find. I love the shape. Never thought of looking for wood. Thanks for the idea.

                        • reply Chris ,

                          The boxes are as adorable as the bugs. I’d love to see bugs this cute in my gardens!

                          • reply Nadege Honey ,

                            One of my favourite things in polymer clay is the endless colours one can create. I love these brightly coloured bugs for their striking colours and perfect colour combination. definitely a winner!

                            • reply mMallory ,

                              I’d love to win! Thank you for doing this!

                              • reply Martina Ristic ,

                                Wow, when I saw her pens, awhile ago, I thought she shaped the pens to be curvy, but now I see those wooden pens are made that way. How interesting and cute! And of course her work is brought to perfection… Love color combinations she makes.

                                • reply Laura Liggett ,

                                  These bugs are so cute and colorful.

                                  • reply Linda ,

                                    absolutely adorable!!!

                                    • reply ByCreativeHands ,

                                      Wow! They are truly amazing. I’ve not come across Jana’s work before. It’s stunning. I’m drooling!

                                      • reply Pat ,

                                        Today’s posting really bugged me! What fun little creatures.

                                        • reply Kelee Maddox ,

                                          These are incredible! Thanks for finding them.

                                          • reply Carla ,

                                            Perfect little buggers!

                                            • reply brenda ,

                                              Just in time for spring, bright colours and a neat idea. An inspiration for decorating an Easter Basket!

                                              • reply Iris Mishly ,

                                                Will be happy to play with these cool pens! Thank you Cynthia!

                                                • reply Margy Moranz ,

                                                  Just in time for Spring! These bugs would be welcome in my garden….

                                                  • reply Michelle ,

                                                    I love all the detail you put into your work.
                                                    You actually make bugs look cute and make people want them-at least the clay kind:)

                                                    • reply Hendey ,

                                                      Tese are such a fun way to welcome Spring! I love the polka dots!

                                                      • reply Kathy ,

                                                        I’ve been an admirer of Jana’s work for some time now. Perfection!

                                                        • reply Patrice Pfeiffer ,

                                                          The bugs are awesome and their little box homes are adorable! Trying the pens would be fun too.

                                                          • reply Ginny ,

                                                            Love all her work. Wonderfully whimsical and boldly colorful without being too juvenile.

                                                            • reply Pat S ,

                                                              Thee bugs are great. I love the distinctiveness of the body parts and the stylized look! So cool!

                                                              • reply Carol Dotin ,

                                                                Wow! Love the precise use of color.

                                                                • reply Frédérique ,

                                                                  The colours are so refreshing! They are all lovely. I wouldn’t know which one choose!

                                                                  • reply Alenka ,

                                                                    Masters are Masters in whatever they do 😀

                                                                    • reply Charline Ahlgreen ,

                                                                      These are so cute. They’re actually bugs I wouldn’t mind seeing scuttling around my house (well, at least on the OUTSIDE!).

                                                                      • reply Cindy Bowles ,

                                                                        Oh, how fun (both the bugs and the giveaway)! I would love to try my hand at a pen. This might get me out of a slump. : )

                                                                        • reply Norma ,

                                                                          Very cute bugs! I’ve always wonder about the shape of those pens. So whimsy! Thanks for the giveaway!

                                                                          • reply Terry Fleig ,

                                                                            Beautiful and precise. I wonder what kind of wire she uses for the attenae?

                                                                            • reply Karen Johnson ,

                                                                              The bugs are cute-love the color combinations! Thanks for doing a giveaway!

                                                                              • reply Martina Ristic ,

                                                                                Wow, when I saw her pens, awhile ago, I thought she shaped the pens to be curvy, but now I see those wooden pens are made that way. How interesting and cute! And of course her work is brought to perfection… Love color combinations she makes.

                                                                                • reply Kelly Feeney ,

                                                                                  These might be the first set of bugs I am not afraid of finding on my body!

                                                                                  • reply julie ,

                                                                                    I must say I love the eye candy here everyday. At city o clay we are currently in a pen swap and I loved the idea of the base. Ohh and a chance to win one lol.
                                                                                    Thank you for all the wonderful inspiration you provide us daily.

                                                                                    • reply Rose ,

                                                                                      What fun little creatures! Definatly a bug I’d let crawl on me. lol And I Love their little beds 🙂 Such Awesome Artistry!

                                                                                      • reply Anita Cornell ,

                                                                                        Love the Bugs!

                                                                                        • reply Barbara McGuire ,

                                                                                          OVER THE TOP! What an imagination – and- all that meticulous detailing matters. (this is a statement from someone who loves instant gratification and is abashed at how lazy I am when it comes to details – always room for improvement) Really an inspiration. No gimmicks- pure design quality. Textbook example of the impact of elements and priciples of design. You go girl! – You got ‘IT’! – Barbara McGuire

                                                                                          • reply Karen Keech ,

                                                                                            I just love your bugs they are beautiful.

                                                                                            • reply Barbara Dolcimascolo ,

                                                                                              What I love about Polymer Clay Daily. So much inspiration, so little time. You are my morning read while having my get-up and go coffee fix. Thanks for coloring my mornings bright, beautiful and buggy.

                                                                                              • reply Joan ,

                                                                                                Love these critter! Thanks for another amazing month of inspiration!

                                                                                                • reply Joan ,

                                                                                                  I meant critters!

                                                                                                • reply bestbets ,

                                                                                                  What charming bugs. And the boxes add so much: a good reminder when making items that are gifts how much that extra touch adds.

                                                                                                  • reply Monique ,

                                                                                                    Jana’s polymer clay art is adorable, I love her work!

                                                                                                    • reply Monique U. (A Half-Baked Notion) ,

                                                                                                      I don’t like real bugs, but these are adorable, Cynthia. Thanks for the links to Jana’s work!

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