Buggy polymer…and a giveaway

Lehmann on PCDaily

The problem is not your monitor, there really are bugs in the system and they’re polymer from Jana Lehmann. You can watch these beetle brooches escaping from their cute little boxes.

Lehmann on PCDaily

Jana’s work is consistently the most graphic and the tidiest I’ve encountered. There’s considerable sanding involved and lots of attention to detail.

Her polymer-covered pens always appeal to me with their shapely Skinner-blended bodies and their whimsical tops. Just for fun, I’m offering five of the wooden pen bases that Jana uses as a giveaway today. I ordered a bunch from the German supplier (Bettina Welker delivered them) and they’re fun to try.

Make a comment and you’re automatically entered. I’ll announce a winner tomorrow.

  • reply diane ,

    bugs are so cute

    • reply Seri Olsen ,

      These bugs are more than cute! They look slightly robotic–little droid bugs. Adorable!

      • reply Ellie Hitchcock ,

        Your bugs are adorable! I love the colors, the simplicity of the design. Who wouldn’t love wearing one of these pins!!

        • reply Mags Bonham ,

          Love the bugs! Her work is so precise! Unbelievable!

          • reply Mary Holland ,

            love the details!

            • reply Cherise ,

              These are so adorable!! Well done on being so creative what talent!!

              • reply Lewis Abery ,

                Wow! I love them! “Thereโ€™s considerable sanding involved and lots of attention to detail.” – you can certainly see that, beautiful designs and obvious quality. I’m loving the colours too ๐Ÿ™‚

                • reply Cyndi ,

                  Love the beetles – great fun!

                  • reply Pauline ,

                    Love these bugs, they are so pretty!

                    • reply Kathy ,

                      Love how whimsical and playful they are, and the boxes are genius. Remind me of the magnifier boxes that children use to explore bugs close-up.

                      • reply LInda Stiles Smith ,

                        I’m game to try anything! I’ve been wanting to make a pen – so pass on the info on the good ones!

                        • reply Louise Traylor ,

                          These are the cutest little bugs I’ve seen yet… How very creative Jana is and a great inspiration to us all. Thank you for sharing her work.

                          • reply Kath' ,

                            More really great ideas to inspire this novice! Thanks for “bugging me” every day ๐Ÿ™‚

                            • reply Sydney ,

                              What fun! Thanks for the opportunity~

                              • reply Ccindy ,

                                I love pins and especially insect pins- I’m wearing one today!thanks for the inspiration.

                              • reply Rozalynd ,

                                Great choice in colors! Wonderful consistency and detail! Delightful!

                                • reply aislin ,

                                  these are so cute! i’v been wanting to make polymer clay bugs and this gives me lots of inspiration!thank you!

                                  • reply Kit Lockwood ,

                                    I like her bugs but love the pens. Since I was a little girl I inherited my mother’s appreciation for writing instruments. And what better than to combine pens and polymer clay? Jana’s are some that look like fun.

                                    • reply isabelle ,

                                      ould like so much to win!!!!!
                                      It will make my day

                                      • reply Suzen Phoenix ,

                                        The quality of Ms. Lehman’s work makes it hard to stop looking at her soft, perfectly balanced and designed creations.

                                        • reply Linda Williard ,

                                          Adorable bugs. Even someone who doesn’t like bugs can enjoy these. And I love her attention to detail. Simple but clean and neat.

                                          • reply Paula Gilbert ,

                                            I would love to see what these pen holders look like. Love the cute bugs!

                                            • reply Anna ,

                                              How clever are those pens? I am fairly new to polymer, have not done a pen yet, but it looks like so much fun! Thanks for the chance… (the bugs are adorable)

                                              • reply Colleen White ,

                                                Love these little bugs – they are darling!

                                                • reply Diane Wong ,

                                                  Love these!

                                                  • reply Sherry Bailey ,

                                                    I love the boxes! Are they commercial or made from scratch, does anybody know??

                                                    Plus, Cybnthia, I would love to try out a pen!!! Thanks for the chance!

                                                    • reply Zan Caperton ,

                                                      These are the most fun polymer bugs that I have ever seen! Thanks for showing them to us!

                                                      • reply Carol ,

                                                        Love, love, love the bugs! That’s what they are: “Love Bugs”.

                                                        • reply Suzanne Pardo ,

                                                          Cute – look like something from another world. Suzanne

                                                          • reply Vicki ,

                                                            how cute….love them!

                                                            • reply Lisa Clarke ,

                                                              Thanks for the opportunity to try a wooden pen blank.
                                                              These bugs of Jana’s really grab me. I am a sucker for stripes and dots!

                                                              • reply mieke ,

                                                                Lovely bugs. Feels like spring.
                                                                Love this site!!! Groetjes uit holland!!!!

                                                                • reply Lynne Schmitt ,

                                                                  I love making all kinds of polymer bugs, but never thought of using such whimsical colors and shapes. I love these little guys! Thanks for sharing.

                                                                  • reply Dena Darling-McBean ,

                                                                    These are so cute. They really caught my eye and Thanks for the chance to try out a wooden pen blank.

                                                                    • reply Stef ,

                                                                      I never thought one day to say that I love to wear a bug on my lapel.
                                                                      Very nice work!

                                                                      • reply Ted Moskal ,

                                                                        Indeed those bugs are quite cute. I keep thinking they are going to open up and a lil monster will slither out.


                                                                        • reply Sue Ossenberg ,

                                                                          OMG! I love polka dots and have never seen such precision in polymer. Terrific!

                                                                          • reply claire ,

                                                                            absolutely love her bugs! Her pen style is wonderful. I covered some BICs once, but I love these better

                                                                            • reply Francie Owens ,

                                                                              Love, love, love the bugs!

                                                                              • reply arlene schiek ,

                                                                                Have been taken with these pens since the first time you featured them. Would love to know how/where to purchase some! Love the colors/patterns she devises

                                                                                • reply Crystal Shepard ,

                                                                                  Like the bugs, but love her pens! She definitely has a great aptitude towards quality finishing work!

                                                                                  • reply Kathleen Seery ,

                                                                                    I would never stomp on one of these cute bugs! Wonderful! Kathleen

                                                                                    • reply Deborah M. ,

                                                                                      Such a unique bug pin made in a precise but amusing manner! The boxes are a very nice compliment to them.

                                                                                      • reply Jennifer P ,

                                                                                        The ‘bugs’ are fantastic! (I am an entamologist!) And the pens are so unique and cute!

                                                                                        • reply Jill Curran ,

                                                                                          I feel happyto have these bugs on my computer!

                                                                                          • reply Debra G. ,

                                                                                            I love the bug pin’s !! Her work is whimsical ! I would so like to have a chance to win I have never covered a pen and would love the opportunity to try !!
                                                                                            Thank You !!!

                                                                                            • reply Joan Lane ,

                                                                                              How cute they are. Love them.

                                                                                              • reply Deb ,

                                                                                                I’m lovin’ these bugs! Makes me feel like spring is really just around the corner!

                                                                                                • reply Karen ,

                                                                                                  Jana’s bugs are so cute, yet intricate and eye catching! Love them!

                                                                                                  • reply Diana Curto ,

                                                                                                    Uou! Despite I don’t like beetles at all, these ones are quite different. I love them, they are really fun!
                                                                                                    Congratulations to that big work!!!!

                                                                                                    • reply Margit Boehmer ,

                                                                                                      I love Jana’s work, her play with colors, it’s always a pleasure for the eye to see her bugs and so on

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