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These test squares from France’s Isabelle Larose/Atelierlilaroz were the results of her playing with Pavla Cepelikova’s batik tutorial. Yummy! The indigo colors had me drooling. These are my favorites from her samples here. It won’t surprise you that Anne is also interested in watercolors.

Can I squeeze experimenting with batik into my play at the conference next week? This is where Pinterest comes in handy. By skimming through my favorite board (Be Still My Heart), I’ll remind myself of the patterns, colors and emotions that ring my chimes. That will keep me on track and help me integrate these batik finishes into the work I love. Don’t worry, you’re coming along and we’ll play together. Lots of photos and tidbits.

  • reply Isabelle ,

    My name is Isabelle ,I am so surprise and thank you so much to put my little
    tests on your blog

    • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

      Pavla’s work is so original, and her success so well-deserved!

      • reply PiperPixieDesigns ,

        I’ve always been interested in batik techniques but have never tried. These are truly fabulous! Such talent:)

        • reply Jocelyn C ,


          Noted a comment posted near Mom’s Day on your site that requested video tutorials.

          As someone rediscovering and recovering, nothing gives me more pleasure than my subscription to polymerclaytutor. com. Cindy’s tutes and projects are ingenious, and easy. Very encouraging forum, blog, and searchable database, as well. Particularly love this one because I lust for faux effects (lol):

          Cindy does a brilliant take on faux labradorite that is to die for, lol! Hope you like it as much as I:

          Then, if you would, take a moment to go to her blog:

          An idea to pop in the search box is “aurora” which is a ingenious tute using extrusion to create aurora borealis effects.

          Cynthia, with MS afflicted hands, your brilliant tute showing your extrusion set up saved my life. Nothing more liked here than a plate of luscious poly clay spaghetti waiting for inspiration to strike.


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