Free folded tutorial

Breil folded on PCDaily

Helen Breil’s new free video tutorial is so clear and concise that it leaves you thinking, “Oh sure, I could do that!” It will start your week on positive note.

The first Folded Bead Tutorial shows you the basics. Part 2 shows you how to add a surface effect and Part 3 explores design possibilities. Simple and straightforward yet stunning.

Breil folded sample on PCDaily

A clean work surface, manicured nails, a calm voice – Helen presents a pleasant interlude and a thoughtful approach to clay even if you hadn’t considered folded beads previously. Here she is on Facebook.

Kazuri West (where Helen’s books and texture stamps are sold) is offering a free giveaway with purchase.


  • reply Debbie Crothers ,

    wow these are sensational. Congrats Helen – you’re a legend.

    • reply Cynthia Clayworth ,

      Thank you Helen Breil! I’ve always admired your work and I feel honored that you shared this video! You are amazing!

      • reply Sandra D. ,

        Helen I learn a lot from your tutorials. Thank you.
        Thank you to Cynthia you always find excellent artist that are ready to teach us there techniques.

        • reply Barbara Handy ,

          That is a wonderful free tutorial. I bought Helen’s book “Shapes” a few months ago and love that also. Now I just need several more hours in the day to try all these new techniques. Thanks so much for sharing this Cynthia, I really appreciate all you ideas every day.

          • reply Laura ,

            Amazing and inspiring!! Thanks for sharing! FREE is always good!

            • reply Barb Alexander ,

              Helen is a wonderful teacher and this demo is a true gift. It was these very beads shown in a Bead and Button magazine several years ago that introduced me to Helen’s work. Having taken two in-person classes with her I highly recommend her as a teacher for retreats or guild activities. Thanks Helen!

              • reply Betty Jo Henderhsott ,

                Wonderful tutorial with clear easy to follow directions. Thank you Helen and thank you Cynthia, the service you provide is greatly appreciated.

                • reply Helen Breil ,

                  Thanks so much for all the wonderful comments & feedback on the video and thanks Cynthia for helping to share it with everyone!

                  • reply Deepa Gens ,

                    This tutorial is sensational . Thank you

                    • reply Silvana Bates ,

                      Wonderful and generous! Thank you!

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