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France’s Celine Roumagnac specializes in quirky worlds in polymer. From mushroom cottages in the forest to mountain villages captured under glass, she shares her colorful, happy worldviews.

Celine’s Au Pays des Rêves (Dreamland) provides a perfect setting for me as I leave for England and France. I feel a bit like this explorer chosing his path. The hardest part has been to narrow the tools I’m packing to just a few necessities. Sorting has been a good exercise.

I look forward to joining Dayle Doroshow’s group for a week of playing and flea marketing. The area looks luscious on her blog, doesn’t it? I’ll try to stay in touch with you. Enjoy Celine’s world travels on her Flickr site and her shop.

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  • reply Jill Palumbo ,

    Oh, yes this sounds like a recipe for my dream trip. I’m so jealous! Have a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful time and please give a hug and kiss from me to all those lovely clayers across the “pond” !

    • reply Sarah at Hip Earth Designs ,

      So beautiful, bright, cheerful and colorful!! Just love these lil’ worlds Celine creates!!

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