Pay it forward polymer

When Scotland's Melanie Muir won the top polymer award with her Reggae Necklace at this year's Bead and Button Show the award came with a $300 gift certificate from Fire Mountain Gems.

Melanie feels that the recognition is enough prize for her and she is raffling off her gift certificate on behalf of Women for Women. Craftcast's Alison Lee jumped on the bandwagon adding a $100 class voucher. PCD couldn't be left behind! We're adding two copies of Polymer Clay Global Perspectives to the raffle.

Entering is easy. A £5 donation becomes a virtual raffle ticket. Buy as many as you like. For instance, if you donate £20, your name goes into 'the hat' four times. (We'll let Melanie work out the £/$ mathematics.)

Melanie has already raised 35% of her goal so jump in and take a chance. Any way you look at it, you can't lose.

The satin smooth finish on Melanie's beautifully crafted work is amazing and you'll find her latest creations (and raffle updates) on her Facebook page.

  • reply Bonnie Decuir ,

    Can we send US $

    • reply Lee Luda ,

      Yes, just follow the link and use a credit card and it will change the pounds to dollars on your bill. I just did it, so that's how I'm able to answer your question. Also, the current exchange rate means 5 pounds sterling equals $7.64, just in case anyone is curious.

    • reply Lynn Shiner ,

      Thank you so much Cynthia! I donated yesterday- encourage all the artists out there to do the same- it's easy to do in either dollars or pounds…( I didn't bother to convert either) 😉

      • reply Trina Williams ,


        • reply Melanie ,

          Oh Cynthia and everyone who has donated, what a wonderful response, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! The generosity of our community knows no bounds – in so many ways. I am filled with gratitude and so moved. Big squeezy hug out to you all, Mel.

          • reply Sherry Bailey ,

            The raffle is great, but *I* want that NECKLACE! Oh, wow!!!

            • reply dixie103 ,

              My goodness!  What a spectacular week this has been for polymer finds!  Every artist this week has been an inspiration to me to try something new!  Such awe-inspiring work this week, I don't know if I can keep up.  Wow. It seems like the art of polymer is suddenly exploding in new directions.  I'm getting online first thing in the morning to check tomorrow's post… 

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