The proof is in the pod

Veronique Hoffmann (Fimomaus in Belgium) has taken Claire Maunsell's (StillPointWorks in Canada) hollow pod examples from the Global Book and given them her own spin.

Veronique provides a shining example of how techniques bounce across the globe, picking up other influences as they travel. View more of her work here.

Speaking of traveling, I'm in Arizona with a new grandson! Excuse me while I babysit and cuddle these lovely little ones.

  • reply Rebecca Watkins ,

    Veronique amazes me with her ability to see an idea and take it further…and with such technical skill. And she’s so prolific! Once when she hadn’t posted anything on flickr in over a week I emailed her to make sure she wasn’t ill!

    • reply Nikolina Otržan ,

      I'm with Rebecca here. I love Veronique's ideas and drive to try anything under the sun 😉 I'm really happy you've featured her work.

      • reply Lynda Moseley ,

        Another of my favorite artists!  Congratulations, Veronique!  

        • reply PiperPixie ,

          I admire how she creates the blown glass look so flawlessly!

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