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Jenna Wright’s Tarot necklace combines neatly carved polymer beads interspersed with companion disks and dotted barrels.Her Flickr site reveals how she has perfected her style using Celie Fago’s carving tools, preferring to carve the beads after baking.

On this Flickr picture she explains the tools she uses for each effect. Controlled nicks in the bead surfaces reveal surprising colors that delight the eye. Jenna is from Nova Scotia and sells on Etsy as Boxes for Groxes.

Oops, PCD is a little late today. I set the clock to the wrong time zone. The mountain air has this flatlander light-headed.


  • reply Sylvia Valentine ,

    This is delicious. It’s not often we see a palette this bright – so often tutors and tutorials recommend desaturating, toning down and otherwise muting colours. Boldness is seen more in size and shape. Brightness like this is also less forgiving – anything less than accuracy in making, and excellence in finishing, is more visible.

    Seriously, delicious.

    • reply Jenna ,

      Thank you so much for featuring my necklace, Cynthia!

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