Refrigerator shrine

Christie on PCDaily

Amy Christie is a maker and a mom. She offers a quick free tutorial on how to transfer kids art to polymer, add magnets and make what I think of as a refrigerator shrine.

Darling doodles and sweet scribbles deserve to be kept as a reminder of innocence and pure play.

When I said that my grandson’s drawings looked like Willem de Kooning’s work, my daughter-in-law rightly said that the reverse was true. De Kooning worked hard to recapture the grace of children’s brushstrokes, color and composition. We’re all trying to get back to our unaffected, free selves.

Do you have drawings that you’d like to enshrine?

  • reply dixie103 ,

    What a divinely sweet idea! I can’t wait to go read the tutorial. Think of the possibilities….


    • reply Sandra D. ,

      Great idea.!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • reply Laura Lang ,

        The picture says it all! Such a cute little girl. A great idea.

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