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Williamson on PCDaily

Genevieve Williamson and her family were dropped off on a remote island in the South Atlantic for the summer (check out Saint Helena) and she’s recently returned to her rural Pennsylvania home. Her father installed a new skylight in her attic studio while she was away that may make you jealous.

Williamson on PCDaily

Genevieve has taken the dust covers off her work table as she dives into work for a gallery show. Already you can see that her months of a simpler life have changed her approach to clay. These simple strands of tubing in subtle shades, shifting diameters and slim palettes may hint at what’s to come.

She’s also added some variations to her earring project that was featured in Polymer Clay Global Perspectives. Has your summer changed your work?

  • reply Joan Clipp ,

    Well Cynthia, you did it! I’ve been trying so hard to not buy new clay related things, as I sit up to my neck in my craft hoard while we prepare to put our house, finally, on the market. But you wore down my resistance with this post, the free tutorial, and seeing the video of your book. Thanks, it looks fabulous and I can’t wait to see it, darn you! Congratulations on a great project, you must be proud of your baby!

    • reply Cynthia Tinapple ,

      Joan – Your creative juices flowing again? That’s not a bad thing! Hope the house sells quickly so that you can get set up and going again.


    • reply Laura Appelman ,

      Really love the sophisticated simplicity of her work! Would love to go in that direction with my polymer work…And wow, St. Helena! Wondering what Genevieve and her family were doing there!?

      • reply genevieve williamson ,

        Thanks so much Laura!
        We visited friends (first went to Saint Helena in 2008) and volunteered at SHAPE, a job training center for disabled adults. I blogged a bit while we were there…http://genevievewilliamson.blogspot.com

        And thank you Cynthia – its always a pleasure to be here!

      • reply Wendy Moore ,

        I love Genevieve’s work and one of my favourite pieces reminds me “never to have a wishbone where my backbone ought to be”. Genevieve finishes off so beautifully and everything has a calm, strong, energy! Lovely to see her here again. Welcome home, Gen!

        • reply staci L. smith ,

          I was introduced to Genevieve’s work through your new book Cynthia! I adore it. Her aesthetic is similar to mine, and it speaks to me! It was also cool to see that she is also from PA- and I wonder if we are close. Nice to find another polymer artist in my area!

          • reply Silvana Bates ,

            Very beautiful, very simple in the best sense!

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