Iris Mishly and her collaborator, cake decorating artist Sharon Peled, have teamed up to address an overlooked artform. Though lifelike flowers made from sugar and synthetic clays are popular in many area of the world, they’re just catching on in the US and Europe.

Iris and Sharon call their tutorial set The Flower Academy. Their course covers 20 types of polymer flowers that end up in 40 final projects including bouquets, boutonnieres, headbands, and jewelry.

To give you a taste of the content, watch the academy’s free video on how to make lifelike mistletoe (in time for the holiday season).

Iris and Sharon are offering one FREE online version (Silver Set) of the academy to one lucky PCD reader. Leave a comment and you’re entered. Comments will close on Thursday night with the winner announced Friday.

  • reply Bonnie Cheuvront ,

    Lovely work! I just watched the mistletoe video; clear and well detailed. Good variety of projects offered. Would love to add these techniques to my pc arsenal. Thanks for posting this.

    • reply Dana ,

      WOW! so beautiful. I really wanna share this, does anyone know how to share it? there is no specific link to this post??

      • reply Lauren Coe ,

        Wow, gorgeous! Would *love* to win that prize!

        • reply Mariona Salvadó ,

          OMG! The bouquet is amazing!!! <3 Thanks so much for the freebie, it's a great project for Christmas presents 😀

          • reply Sue ,

            Thanks for the link to the video. Only wish I could make PC flowers this realistic. Might have to put this on my Christmas wish list. Hubby are you reading this!!!

            • reply Sandra Wathey ,

              Beautiful. Flowers for every occasion – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

              • reply Claire Fairweather ,

                These flowers look fantastic – and how nice to be able to have a long lasting reminder of a special occasion.

                • reply Carrie Harvey ,

                  What beautiful flowers they are 🙂

                  • reply Eva-Marion Schulz ,

                    Lovely! Already noticed the wonderful new range of tutorials by Iris Mishly via fb.
                    Had to have a closer look on the PolyPediaOnline site, and just now watched the mistletoe tute- thank you. Congratulations on so much professionality, easy to follow, very detailed steps. Lilies are my favourite flowers, and they look unbelievably lifelike on Iris’ flower tutorials.

                    • reply Teresa Milam ,

                      I just found your website. I saw a polymer clay piece of art and wondered how to use polymer clay. An online set of tutorials would be just the thing! Thanks

                      • reply Natalja Ivankova ,

                        Well, sounds great!

                        • reply Annette Holbert ,

                          I have bought Wiltons cutter set for flowers. Now if I could get this video I would have it made.

                          • reply Victoria Barton ,

                            so lovely. I have always wanted to know how to do this. I am excited!!!!! thank you for the awesome chance to win this.:-)

                            • reply Paula Robinson ,

                              Would love to win. Beautiful flowers

                              • reply janet mundziak ,

                                the flowers look wonderful – would love to learn how to make them!

                                • reply Bonnie Brace ,

                                  Absolutely beautiful! The flowers all look so life-like!

                                  • reply Jen Casper ,

                                    So much fun!

                                    • reply Wendy Jorre de st Jorre ,

                                      Beautiful, love the poinsettias!

                                      • reply Claire maunsell ,

                                        Would be so much fun to see more of these – I’m in!

                                        • reply Carolyn Duncan ,

                                          Exactly what I am doing at the moment. These would save me hours of experimentation.

                                          • reply Jane ,

                                            Finally, flowers that will won’t wilt on me.

                                            • reply Carlos Haun ,

                                              Love the flowers! Wouldn’t these be lovely for a permanent bride’s bouquet?! Can you tell I just attended two family weddings the last two weekends. I would have loved how to make the bridal bouquet for my son’s bride back in June.

                                              • reply Ellen aberegg ,

                                                Beautiful! Such an interesting combination of talent. I will look forward to a rose tutorial.

                                                • reply Karolina Söderberg ,

                                                  They are so pretty. Very lovely!

                                                  • reply Becky Mizell ,

                                                    unbelievably beautiful flowers. Wow

                                                    • reply PiperPixieDesigns ,

                                                      I’ve always wanted to learn but have never found a teacher!!! Hope I find one as talented as Iris or Sharon:)

                                                      • reply Myra T ,

                                                        I would love to win. I have made some polymer flowers and they are a lot of fun!

                                                        • reply PattiGA ,

                                                          they look fresh picked!

                                                          • reply Melanie J Pierce ,

                                                            Beautiful Work!!

                                                            • reply Judy ,

                                                              Iris and Sharon, Your work is beautiful–just like real flowers!! I’d love to win the set of instructions.

                                                              • reply Jackie Newton ,

                                                                Very beautiful, I’m impressed how realistic they are. You have achieved a soft delicate natural look.

                                                                • reply H Blacklock ,

                                                                  oh my gosh, this is *exactly* what I’ve been looking for! Desperately wanting more flower help. Crossing my fingers

                                                                  • reply Pam C ,

                                                                    How Beautiful! The flowers are exquisite and the variety offers something for every season! So glad to see the tutorial on PCD.

                                                                    • reply Pippa ,

                                                                      How generous! Thank you and yes, I would love to win. I used to make wedding cakes featuring life like flowers made from sugar paste in another life, so would be so interested in how the techniques transfer into polymer!

                                                                      • reply Cate van Alphen ,

                                                                        I’d love to win! These tutorials are really tempting. We’ve just had an expensive car repair bill, so I probably shouldn’t even be contemplating buying them…

                                                                        • reply Julia ,

                                                                          The flowers pictured are just amazing. I’m off to watch their free video. I’ve always loved flowers and making them from my favorite medium would be fantastic. I didn’t think you could get so lifelike with polymer clay. I wonder if they use air dry polymer clay? Anyone take the courses yet?

                                                                          • reply Iris Mishly ,

                                                                            Thank you very much Julia!
                                                                            There are other media to be used, but this tutorial was created specifically for polymer clay, not air dry clay.

                                                                          • reply Iris Mishly ,

                                                                            Thank you Cynthia!
                                                                            Both Sharon and myself are so thrilled to see the wonderful comments!
                                                                            Clearly flowers are in people’s heart 🙂
                                                                            I must admit that after learning so much about flowers in general and pc flowers in particular, I admire nature even more than before!

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                                                                              […] of prizes, the cutoff for Iris Mishly’s Flower Academy drawing is Thursday night. Make a comment on Monday’s post to enter. Good […]

                                                                              • reply Bruria ,

                                                                                Beautiful work! Looking forward to seeing more…

                                                                                • reply DonnaR ,

                                                                                  I’ve always loved the sugarpaste flowers, and have made a few in clay. In fact, they’re a big part of the my Christmas gift list this year, and this comes just in time to help with that. So beautiful!

                                                                                  • reply Pam McClung ,

                                                                                    These are wonderful. It would be a neat technique you could use for a lot of things. Gifts and jewelry just for starters. I especially love the peony!

                                                                                    • reply Stacey Biefeld ,

                                                                                      Gorgeous! Have wanted to make polymer clay flowers for a long time – these tutes just might force me to make time to do it! Iris’ work is always perfection 🙂 and I’ll bet they have a ton of tips & tricks!

                                                                                      • reply Kristie Foss ,

                                                                                        I’m always so impressed by the work Iris does, and this cooperative effort with Sharon is simply marvelous! I love making flowers with polymer, and to have so many floral shapes gathered together in such a clear and easy-to-follow format is wonderful. Thank you, Iris and Sharon, for this incredible addition to the polymer tutorial world!

                                                                                        • reply Jes ,

                                                                                          Those are stunning! Would that I had half her talent!

                                                                                          • reply L. Dean ,

                                                                                            Another Great tutorial !

                                                                                            • reply Helen h ,

                                                                                              Absolutely beautiful flowers! Love them!

                                                                                              • reply B. Procarione ,


                                                                                                • reply Beth W. ,

                                                                                                  It will be interesting to see all of the floral work that comes from people learning from the tute!

                                                                                                  • reply Debi ,

                                                                                                    These are beautiful! Sure would love to win the tutorial package. It would be a great compliment to my love for polymer clay and my desire to get back into it and the fact that i live in very close proximity to a wedding event venue! perfect, right?

                                                                                                    • reply Kathy Caldwell ,

                                                                                                      WOW … I’ve been wondering if you would instruct us in flower creating and I see you have mastered that. Beautiful and amazing! ! !

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