Strings of polymer

Mkhitarian_on PCDaily

These polymer pieces from Russia’s Victoria Mkhitarian are probably extruded strings. Either way, you’re going to enjoy a trip through her Flickr site to see her earthy colors tinged with an updated ethnic vibe.

In her Polymer with Spices necklace Victoria makes a Natasha bead look like a folk museum piece. Natasha beads are fun but they are rarely put to such good use.

Mkhitarian on PCDaily

Wednesday extrusions class

Only one more day of my rant about extrusions. There’s so much to pack into one online Craftcast class that I had to enlist the help of friends to give a bunch of techniques a try.

I had no idea that these longtime polymer artists were extruder newbies and it was fun to watch them “get it.” Still time to reserve a good seat (and of course you can download and watch later too).

  • reply Ron Lehocky ,

    I love how Victoria has used the extruded pieces of what I assume is scrap clay to make appealing and earthy toned adornments. Good job.
    Reminds me of the design on the heart that highlights the “To Nepal, with Love” ad in the right hand column of ads. As the ad says “we are over half way there!” At this point in time they have constructed the first floor of what the Sumannat women hope will be a two story building. So I might remind everyone during this “season of giving” to click on the donate button and help these brave and pioneering women to finish the building which will provide them a permanent home base for helping abused and violated women in Nepal. Throw some love their way!

    • reply Lynn Martinek ,

      Please tell me what a “Natasha Bead” is. I don’t know if it refers to the shape of the bead or to the color-texture. Both are exquisite in this amazing necklace.

      • reply Ron Lehocky ,

        This is one of many tutorials on making the Natasha bead. The shape is an individual choice. They usually start out as a rectangular. Making Natasha beads is a way to use scraps and come up with fun, random and colorful designs.
        Natasha Beads … Natasha Beads Part 2by cnharit813,187 views ยท 7:23 … [ Tutorial …

        A google search will bring up several more tutorials. Try making them for a fun, relaxing and often entertaining activity. Victoria has shaped her results into some intriguingly creative forms. Great job!

        • reply Dorothy Harvey ,

          I love Victoria’s use of Natasha beads. I make them and love them and then do nothing with them. I love the shapes and colors.

          • reply Neeti Hegde ,

            Hi, I am artist from India, it’s fascinating to see the kind of work with polymer plus other material. Such a visual delight!

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